Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



There are millions of readers who like to read a lot of different genres. Many appreciate good writing and complex stories. You can find your people!


What? We’re not allowed to have some fun? It’s all good natured and it’s not meant to be disrespectful. The two of us aren’t the only ones who feel this way.

But this application is a step in the right direction.


Check the muffin analogy!

It said you write a muffin people love but if you just Witte a vanilla muffin, you’ll no longer stand out and be easily replaced.

Maybe writing a bad boy romance will get you 8k reads. Or it’ll get lost among all the others. Either way it wouldn’t pass through to us since we only have so many slots for bad boys, as I said in the original posts, so you’d be no closer


Yup, I did. There’s a whole 3 of them! :smile:


You should maybe consider whether the authors of the stories you’re mocking would think it’s funny?


We aren’t mocking them. There’s a difference. I think someone needs a lesson on humor. :slight_smile:


That’s why you make it a vanilla muffin with frosting. Sci-Fi/Hist. Fic/Urban fic/other fic Bad boy.

Honestly, I can’t make myself write romance genre stories. It’s great sub-plot for the right stories, but a whole book of romance is not my cup of tea.


We’re not mocking the authors, we’re teasing about the cliche.




You can make all the frosting if you like. Or a wholly new flavour. The number 3 earning story has no romance and is a niche science fiction story, one of the least popular overall genres on Wattpad in terms of readership




I’m assuming it’s the Sci-Fi story?


Heartfire indeed. Blink did pretty well too as the other sci Fi story


I know I’m just talking in the overall general promotion across WP. I see stories that might interest me here and there, but Romance and Bad Boy stories everywhere. Even when reading and being an active reader, the same Romance stuff keeps getting promoted to me instead of similar stories compared to the ones I’m reading.


Different from Next so I can’t speak to it. We keep going for our diversity, I know right now continuing to improve diversity in recommendations is a big deal. We started with a change to onboarding, the stories in there now look more like Wattpad and less exclusively like romance and teen fiction, now it’s moving to the interior of the product, though there were some extra changes to modules to try and make them less samey. I ran a brainstorm in here on a bunch of it so you’ll see it keep changing


Agreed. I see a bit more science fiction on my feed now because that’s my primary genre to read and write, but every other story is “bad boy this” “good girl that” “romance” “YA” etc.

It makes sense, though, because they’re two of the biggest genres on Wattpad.


I don’t know. My most-read book is a chick lit romance. It is about a rich guy, but I can assure you it’s not like what you’re talking about. The heroine is 35 and curvy. The hero isn’t possessive — he’s actually quite beta outside of the bedroom.

There is infidelity. There is marriage and themes of work-life balance at midlife. Career goals. Fitting in with one’s in-laws. Whether to have kids. Those aren’t the typical bad-boy themes, and it has 1.7 million reads. Don’t assume all of the romances with lots of reads are the same.


They’re not, romance is just not my genre. I need action and adventure and romance (not always) but more often than not goes down a very steamy road, one which I’m not willing to follow.

The cliche titles could use a little work, though.


What about being recommended books I’ve already read/voted on? That one Sally Slater Paladin book has been in my recommendations over and over since I joined Wattpad years ago. I’ve read it already (ages ago) but it keeps popping up.


Same here with books I’ve already voted or left comments on.