Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



I get a lot of books I’ve read and archived that pop up in my recommended lists. I even get my own books popping up but that’s rare.


Too far off topic for me to talk about it here really, we will go down a big hole and there’s other threads discussing exactly these problems like the brainstorm one I mentioned.

But we will have to mostly stay to Next here, sorry


I also think that some of us are touchy with the criticism of romance both in this thread and others here because in the traditional and indie world, romance is a business written by women, for women. It’s one of the few industries where women help one another, cheer each other on, and help one another make money. It’s a very powerful and feminist genre, and it makes me sad to see so many people denigrate it. There are legions of romance writers who write strong, unique characters and I urge you to seek them out — I’m certain that we can find cliches in every genre.


And I’d like to add that people forget that writing romance/erotica is a way to safely live out a person’s fantasies.

It doesn’t mean they WANT to do those things they write or read about, or that they even do it. But I think that’s really hard for people to understand when they aren’t in that kind of frame mind.


I am not here to start anything. This was just a question. Nothing to be triggered about.


It’s true, one sci-fi cliche is the ever present robot helper/friend. And the mercenary who’s a huge softie. There’s lots.

Every genre has cliches.


Sir, I just ask you a question. A simple answer will do. No need to run around the brush and get triggered. I still don’t see my answer as to why. Can someone explain?




An answer finally. You could have done this in one post instead of being smart about it. :wink:


But sarcasm…


It wasn’t a diss to you. So please don’t think it is. We know how some folks can get.


Sarcasm to what? I’m confused?:sunglasses:


I was just commenting on how you said “No need to be smart about it”.


“I do not know what you are talking about”:no_mouth::wink:


Thanks for the shout-out! (Just about to start uploading a Urban Fantasy with a black female lead :wink: )


Tamara, I know I have been one of the critics of the genre. I suppose my bitterness towards it came from how oversaturated the genre is here. Also, how only romance fanfics were the popular stories in my fandom.
But I see now that you’re right; romance has been ragged on since forever. Being an English major has taught me just how disrespected female authors were/are- even more so if they write romance. It might not be my type of genre, but I still see merit in it and respect it. Especially as a female author.


Fun fact: the use of the exclamation point was basically nothing until suddenly it exploded in popularity in the 30s-50s and then everyone was using it in all the ads and the writing.

But then the women started using it in their writing and that’s where the boy’s club had to draw a line. And Hemmingway declared the exclamation point to be a feminine affront on manly writing and suddenly it declined in usage and became the common writing expressions we know today of not using too many exclamation points because it’s “bad” or “hysterical” or “too emotive.”

With that cleared, back to the topic of Next, woo


Have you considered taking the read count off the stories in this program? They have been hand-picked by WP, which should give the readers a degree of confidence that the contents are of certain quality. I think many people currently use read count as an indicator of quality instead. It would be interesting to test if reading patterns change as a result.


Hell yeah!


Yes, that’s part of why it keeps dropping. It’s a slow process though where we take a little off and see and on and on