Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



I’m not usually into bad boy stories, but I feel like this has great potential :laughing:


That’s absolutely fascinating. I’m gonna have to go look up some articles on that to reader further about it.


Have no idea what Guava taste like but not sure if that does sound good. But got to try the fruit before assuming :stuck_out_tongue:


I read high read counts as poor quality, actually.

Most books, (with a good cover and blurb with proper grammar of course) below 100K, I’m in.

If I see something that’s 7M, or so, I assume it’s cliché and not at all inspired.


Very well said. The romance hate may come down to pettiness and a deep-seated subconscious misogyny ingrained in so many men AND women.

Also want to add how funny “fantasy” has shrugged off its stigma recently while romance authors are shunned for writing their love stories with fantasy as a premise. @AuthorishNicole

Love is just a four letter word, but if you dump dragons, gory violence, tons of boobs, and an HEA wedding, it’s totally awesome!


Yes. And I suspect that those of us in the Next program writing romance have gotten more nasty comments than people writing in other genres. I find it sad that women are willing to tear down other women for wanting to earn a living, and for accepting an invite into a new program — it’s as if we’re supposed to want to write for free.


I mean, some of the popular books are cliche, but a lot of others got popular because other people want the unique, interesting, well-written stories you’re looking for.


Hunh. My book that reached 2 million was also a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA awards, the highest award in the romance genre.


I was honestly so surprised by some of the entitled responses from some readers when I looked at the comments on Next books. It was disappointing, so I’m relieved to hear that it sounds as if those people don’t hold the majority view.

It is true though, that there’s a lot of talk about how the only motivation a writer should need is the pure love of writing. I’m like, yeah, but I want to love writing AND make money off of it. Eventually, at least! I don’t like it when I see someone being told their motivation isn’t pure enough, or they should be happy with what they get. If we were all perfectly content and satisfied, no one would be striving toward publishing (in all its various forms).


Yeah I don’t see anyone telling James Patterson or Stephen King that they should be writing for free.


Congrats on being a finalist. I can’t imagine what that must be like, pouring your heart into something and receiving such accolades. Really really cool, and I mean this sincerely.

Yep that’s why I said most, not all over 100K. As there are gems in every pocket of Wattpad, big and small! :slight_smile: @Xenoclea


Hm, I never knew that “the pure love of writing” would be able to put food on the table or a roof over my head. Writers truly are magical beings!

Seriously, though, even though the Next program (probably?) isn’t enough to make a living off of in this stage, the principle is the same. So I’m going to talk about more traditional writers. You can’t do any kind of work, including writing, if you can’t afford your living expenses. And if you can’t make money on your writing, you have to earn it elsewhere. Which means that less writing gets done. Or maybe none at all. If you tell people they shouldn’t make money on their writing, you’re really just telling them to keep their day jobs and give up writing completely if and when they can’t afford to do it anymore.

Even if you’re such a selfish reader that you don’t care how badly authors get treated, you have to admit that this is not an effective plan for getting what you want. You’re actively advocating for a system that discourages people from writing. So good luck finding books to read.


I’ve been blown away by the gems I’ve found at all levels! Especially from younger people (I’m old, LOL). I wish I’d had Wattpad as a teenager.


I think people are taking “wattpad writers should write for free” literally.

The wattpad slogan is Free books, but they are currently rebranding so that might change.

But writers should be paid for their works. You can not compare traditionally publish writers to wattpad writers. That’s not the same thing exactly.

Some folks, like me, want writers to get paid, but it’s the cost of the books on here that’s the problem.


Nick did say that writers turned down the program, wanting their books to remain free. I think most if not all of the Next authors also have free books available to read as well. I don’t personally see it changing enough that there won’t be any good free books to read after Next is done with whatever it’s shaping up to be. Just my 2cents.


It’s just one of those things that depends on which side of the track you’re on. If you’re a reader who has to pay for books, it’s expected people will complain. Of course, if they were getting paid you wouldn’t hear a peep out of them. :joy:


Me too! :blush:


Something I learnt today!


I don’t understand. Why can’t you compare traditionally published writers to Wattpad writers? My first two books were traditionally published. I choose to be an indie author and not publish traditionally at the moment — it’s more lucrative. Publishing on Wattpad is part of my overall business strategy, both by putting free books on the platform and on Next.


Wattpad’s slogan (aka tagline) is not free books. Previously it was “Stories you’ll love”. After the rebranding this month, it is now ”Where stories live”