Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



Hey @nick! I’m not sure if this was asked before this thread or further up, but is there something in the works that is similar with the system at Tapas? There’s an option to buy the coins and there’s an option of farming the coins by watching ads. I think people would really warm up to this program if it does because they would finally find a way to purchase the book without having to spend a cent.


It got mentioned in the original posts.


I’m sorry. But I don’t see my question being answered?


I think he means this section answers your question. Basically things like tipping, watching videos to get coins, etc are on the table just not the focus right now. Nick can correct me if I understood it wrong though.


Is there a way to put your story out there and maybe be able to join the beta authors program?


This was covered in his first few posts (more specifically in the third one, Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick)


Having thought about it all, I have to admit that this point does worry me a bit—if worry is the right word, it might be too strong actually lol

Sure, I’m new to all this wattpadding, so it might not be unusual to have around 100 reads on my—unfinished, at that—stories. Yet I’ve seen quite gifted people on here with finished stories who just don’t generate many readers. Is it the tags? The activity? I know there are threads around that touch on the matter of generating readers, but still. Having NO idea whatsoever how Wattpad’s algorithm even picks out stories for the hotlists in the tags and so on, and having seen talent out there without the imo corresponding recognition, I don’t know if the factor “having been read/hit at least 8k times” really is the best way to go about finding talent out there.

I’ve touched on that issue on Twitter when the official account released the notice about Wattpad going into publishing; people read what they know. They LIKE what they already know—so naturally, already established tropes within the community get more recognition. How do you ensure, then, that the choice which stories are added to Next really reflects on the community’s diverse talents based on, well, numbers?

Or am I totally off base here?


What would you say to a writer who has passed the 8k threshold on an unfinished novel (thanks to you guys for giving me a shot with the featured section), updates often, but is considering moving to KU to give a part-time career a try? I like the idea of keeping my Wattpad readers instead of joining KU, but right now I’m having a hard time justifying not going to KU after the novel is complete. And (as of right now) it seems as though once you pull a story, you have to start from scratch no matter what path I take, so I wouldn’t want to change course multiple times. Are there any guideposts I should be looking for to help me make that decision over the next few months?


I notice that you really are quite new to Wattpad. As a person who’s been around a while, I’d just like to point out that reads tend to accumulate over time, and they also tend to go up after you mark your book complete. For a person who’s been around for just a few months and has just a few chapters published per book, it looks to me like you’re doing great in terms of reads. I imagine you’ll get to 8000 without too much trouble if you keep updating consistently and keep doing whatever your readers like so far.

You mentioned having seen talented people with completed books and not that many reads, which I have seen happen sometimes, but I think that probably comes down to a failure of marketing. Not that I’m necessarily saying that’s the fault of the author for not getting the word out (although it’s possible). It might just be that the book doesn’t fit the audience that’s found here. If that’s the case, the book probably wouldn’t do as well in the Next program anyway, since it’s the same audience from Wattpad being given the chance to read it and it falls pretty heavily on the authors to be active in supporting their books and defending their choice to be in the program (at least in this early stage).

Basically, I’m saying that a book might be really great as a book but not great material for the Next program. And I think 8000 reads is reasonable. Actually, I was pleased with the 25000 number because I see that as being achievable even for the books I write that have a smaller audience.

As for the publishing program, I haven’t looked into that one as much yet, but I think it WOULD be good for that program to consider excellent books that haven’t found their audience on Wattpad, mostly because a published book would put itself before a whole new audience. But that’s just my two cents.


Thanks for taking the time to reply in such detail. :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll just… uh, continue doing what I do right now, then. It’s weird when you have been writing for about ten years and are used to people reading your stuff within a community.

Should have stuck my neck out earlier, but here we are. :sweat_smile:


You make a good point. I’ve been told my most popular story - 19,000 reads in six months, has pros and cons. The worst aspect of my writing to readers is the pacing, which I’ve admitted is way too fast for a fleshed out story.

I was promoting the heck out of it on Twitter as I was updating and once I completed it. Which raises the question: does WP want a book with lots of data or quality over data? Lots of reads and votes does not always mean a story is good, and the same goes true for the other way.

I sincerely hope with the introduction of Next and WP Books WP will look at quality instead of data quantity.


Hmm I wouldn’t say we evaluate talent on reads generated, because those don’t necessarily have a perfect correlation (although there is ample evidence to say content which generates readers tends to do a better job of selling itself and has strong storytelling, or it might be it’s aiming to an audience that isn’t big on Wattpad, so it does indicate some things).

Moreso it’s about the risk of success in the program, much of which stems from readers caring about how many reads a story has before jumping into it, because we know that weirdly matters. For now, we’re gauging how much Wattpad basically super endorsing your story by saying its paid counteracts how much people care about reads (which is a lot, as people will admit to and their read behaviour indicates). If it continues to hold true that it does counteract the reads thing we’ll keep dropping that number


If you would like to go to KU and pursue it and that’s what appeals to you, then go for it. If what I’ve said here appeals to you, and that’s me being basically full transparent with most of the program, so much so you would rather wait around to see what might happen, then that’s a choice for you to evaluate. I’ll continue to do this, putting out announcements and info, but this will always largely remain a limited opportunity program, and if you don’t feel like you’re likely to receive that opportunity, or you really want that opportunity now, guaranteed, then you’ll know what to do.

We just want to be one of the potential avenues you can explore, weighted equally among them. We have what we offer and do our best at that, and other places have what they offer, and it’s totally fine to match the one you feel best appeals to you at the best times.


That’s an interesting one! Will they cave to what’s popular even if it’s not the best story or will they actually choose quality over popularity? It’ll be interesting to see! :blush:


@LightenTheShadows and @FantasybkLover Ideally stories should have both - good quality but also be ones that people want to read at a given time.

There’s a luck element with the second one. You might write about something that’s drifting away from what people are searching for.

Or you might catch something on an incoming tide - and have a surprise hit.


You put it into fitting words, Nick. I do find that “weird”, as I tend to look for the exact opposite at first. :smiley:

Always searching for the underdogs, since, in my experience, the market is sated with one popular thing at a time, always. Be it vampires and werewolves (which seem to sloooowly lose their grip on the public, very slowly) or the new demand for New Adult novels (struggling a lot after school and in university does have a Millenial and Gen Z ring to it).

Guess we’ll have to trust our Next team for the moment, then, as they seem to take our worries into account, even without us talking about it. :smile:


I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way. I’ve read opening chapters that are free, and they get me so hooked but I can’t continue reading. I thought wattpad was meant to be free, not a paid service. If Next continues to get support, it may morph into a place where you can buy E books or something like that. I hope that doesn’t happen like that, though.


*clears throat * “There are still millions of stories that are free. Simply read those”


Yeah I just have to look a little more


If you want you can open here #share-your-story:story-requests a thread where you can ask for specific stories.

For example just say you like stories about vampires and then I am sure people will send you books you can read.