Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



“Sign in to read stories and write - for free!”

They may have to alter their slogan a little, to “Sign in to write and read most stories stories for free!”




Pfft I hope they work on other things before worrying about the slogan! :smile:


I wonder, can I use their slogan against them and demand stories are actually free, like they promise and say at the log in screen?


I mean, technically the wording still works. Anyone can still read and write stories for free. Just not all stories for free. Which is fine in my opinion, because it’s not as if all the best work would be left on this site for free if Wattpad Next didn’t exist. It’d just go to some other platform. Some writers are always going to want ways to monetize their work, and I think that’s fine. In my mind, writing a really good novel is work, and work should be paid.



As writers, we sit hours and days and weeks till months or even YEARS behind our PCs, plan and write, rewrite and write again—why shouldn’t we want to be paid for that? I think the expectation that all art remains free, forever, is a bit disrespectful. We want to consume, but we don’t want to pay for it? No wonder that the arts and human sciences aren’t subsidized very much anymore. :confused:


I do understand the need for free art—to a degree. I’m poor myself at the moment, so I can’t just go around supporting everyone I’d want to support.

But please, for the love of all that is creative and good in this world: don’t demand artists to suffer just because you don’t want to pay.


Pleased or delighted?


Yes. And please don’t tell us to “drink bleach” or to “get a real job.” (Things Wattpad readers have actually typed on my Next book in the past week).

We’re all writers here. We all have different goals. Debate about the program all you want here and with Wattpad, but being nasty to writers is pointless and puts terrible negativity into the world.


Do you mean the tags? Because I agree. Every time I add a new story, I have to put them in twice. It’s irritating.


Oh wow, I didn’t know about that. I’ve thought about getting Premium further on down the road, but I do EVERYTHING on my PC. That’s kind of a bummer.


Premium gets you access to all the Next stories as far as I’m aware of, unless they’ve changed that.


That’s trolling and nothing else. I would report such comments.



I’m a bit more open to Next now that @nick has released the date we’ve all been wanting, so it doesn’t look as bad as it did at first.

But again, what’s more important: the number of clicks, or the quality of a story? It should be both if possible, but quality needs to triumph more than anything.


The drink bleach comment is pretty serious. It is implying to someone to commit suicide. That user must be deleted in an ideal and fair world. I would be horrified if anyone like that being on the app and it being deemed ok. What is this world coming to? I pray to god they don’t come across children under 18 and tell them to do such act. I am quite shocked. When did such language and treatment become normal on Wattpad? This is not the Wattpad I joined in 2013. This is deeply disturbing.


I think that Wattpad’s decision to make this a formal role is a great move, in light of some of the responses. And I think that as things shake out, people will hopefully see that there’s room for both paid and free stories, and no need to overreact.

@TamaraLush I’m so sorry you had to deal with comments like that!


Thank you Nick. A little openness goes a long way. :smiley:


Oh, I totally agree! But that certainly isn’t the case, sadly. I’ve seen wonderful stories with very few reads and ones with millions that I can’t seem to get past the first chapter - and not just personal preference, but horribly bad grammar and such; and this is coming from an ESL kid :joy:

Overall, it’ll be interesting to see if the program holds its own and picks what it believes to be the best, even if its on the lower side of their read requirements, or if they just go with the storm - and the profit - and pick up books with a boatload of reads but that aren’t at the same quality level of some of the lower-read books :thinking:

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to wonder about this! But we do, lol. I totally get that the minimum reads is a necessary - and pretty low, honestly, which gives me a lot of hope for the program going ahead. I just hope the program doesn’t become profit over quality which it claims it won’t be! I’m crossing my fingers and I really wish it the best!:blush:


Same, but I hope it doesn’t turn into profit over quality like it claims it won’t! If the program truly starts digging for some truly good and original stories, I have much more hope for it! :blush:


C’mon now, there are truly good and original stories in their current list! :smile:

But I get what you’re saying, and I’m excited to see what new stories make it and how they do going forward!