Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



I’ve read works from 2 of the authors in the beta, and I can say their stuff’s top notch.


Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way! From the few chapters I read of the Next books that interested me, it seems the quality of the books is good! I didn’t mean to imply otherwise and I’m sorry if it came off that way!

If I ever talk about quality, I only mean that millions of reads doesn’t exactly mean the book is the best quality and vice versa. I think we have to look beyond the amount of reads to judge if a book is good for a program that seems to me like it has a good head on its shoulders at the moment - I don’t want to lose that quality over profit ideology!

Basically, I just want less cliches to be promoted just because they’re popular. From what I read, all the books on the Next so far are good in terms of quality, but I just hope that now that they’re expanding we’ll get a bit more variety with books that stray a bit more from what’s popular, which is why I hope they keep looking for quality over popularity :wink: I just really like that they’re hand-picking these books too so that we truly get quality instead of popularity and I hope the “picking process” stays true to those ideals :blush:


It’s all good! Just wanted to clarify the implication, but I figured it wasn’t intentional.

Agreed, the hand-picked element is key. I’m also really curious about what the editing process looks like, and how many editors they have involved in order to cover different genres. I think the Next books go through some higher level revision, if I remember reading correctly? Hmmm this makes me want to add questions to the AMA! Looking forward to that.


Yeah, they definitely do. Honestly, there’s three reasons I won’t really buy coins and read the books and that’s stuff that hasn’t been addressed much.

  1. I use WP on my laptop
  2. The books I like are as heftily priced as a hardcover book
  3. I’m broke, but if I had enough money to buy a hardcover, I’d buy the hardcover instead of an ebook :joy:

Sadly, my concerns have been aired and I think they may be working on the laptop situation, but it seems like the pricing is pretty set in stone! Sad I can’t support the people I can interact with, but oh well!


Geez, what is wrong with people?!?!


I get that you want to support the authors you like, even if it’s a small amount; not being able to do that because of a higher prize can be frustrating. On the other hand, I do think it’s a great chance for every author who is picked for Next. Because, let’s be honest, the royalties authors get on the market? Not so great. In Germany, they’re about 8-15% of the retail prize—if you’re lucky.

And that’s one reason why I wholeheartedly endorse authors upping their ebook prizes. Just getting a few cents or about a buck for every book, even though you’ve spent hundreds of hours on writing it? Hell to the nah! The industry is broken and exploitative, and if Wattpad Next can help authors becoming and/or remaining financially stable one day? What’s not to like about that? :fire:


I think this is a fantastic idea! Authors work so so so hard while juggling their real life responsibilities and often day jobs or school.
This is a program, meaning we’ll still have free books and can choose to support authors who are in the program.
I wish any authors in this program the best of luck!


My guess is that they are relying on Quality to get the click-count.


I know fanfiction is off the table, but I still have hopes that DC comics will take notice of my story. And the only way for that to happen would be through Wattpad. I know Wattpad partners with companies, so I hope they will partner with DC in the future.


WHAT?! :rage: That is way overboard for that one.

Tbh, that comment isn’t beginning from WP. It started as a meme joke and led to youtube or any sites ‘trending’ it from the commenters. It’s people who changed not the companies.


It doesn’t matter where it started. If this comment is reported I hope that Wattpad does not just send an email to say please mute this person which at time happens. Free speech is a must but this is cyber bullying if someone says that. If a website allows that then I say the website have changed and community have changed too as you kindly pointed out. If either website or community tolerate this is really disturbing. They are commenting on people’s work too. Once I reported someone using very offensive language on their profile. Wattpad said everyone is allowed to express themselves freely. Sure but telling someone to commit an act like this is very very disturbing. Of course. I blame the person who said it and not the company. In my original post I did not say Wattpad company. I meant Wattpad community/website actually. But now that you mention company then let’s say I would be worried if the company says it’s ok for someone to go around saying something like that, it’s all free speech, just mute them. I certainly hope they don’t. It didn’t happen on my profile so can’t judge about what happened when they were reported.


Rest assured - freedom of speech is one thing. Inappropriate behaviour something quite different.
Wattpad has a clear code of conduct. We (the community Ambassadors) are around to ensure it does not get broken.


Issue is this theme is commonly occurring. When I read ambasadors wall and other forums, I see comments about similar things. This particular form of cyber bullying is happening commonly. I haven’t seen them myself but have seen people who say they keep reporting such things and nothing happens. I think there should be zero tolerance for something like this.


there should not be nothing happening. That really is not okay. Let me raise this in the appropriate places. It’s important to gather evidence.I.e. what was the response when you reported, is the user still doing the same stuff etc. That is simply not on.


On the topic of beta next, the image of Wattpad has changed big time. It was the hot lists and featured lists. Now it’s beta next People on front page. Their stories and comments on them first thing person who just joins sees I bet. So what kind of impression does it give if people comment such concerning things? I think for sure Wattpad has exciting stuff planned but in my view as a user feeling safe is key for kids, parents of kids and adults who check the app. If safety is not there. If people can comment unacceptable stuff casually and commonly then well. Never mind. Yes. Ambasadors Police it But why not flag comments with cyber bullying words too like this one that was mentioned.


I saw many posts on ambasadors walls over time. I think if such theme is reoccurring they must make sanction harsh. If I see screenshot I will send you here maybe. Or send link. I know some people speculate but when more than one user says this and that user tell people to take their own lives and user is still there despite reports then maybe there should be something to flag certain key words. As I mentioned face of Wattpad is now beta next. So many click on these books and if so many see it and nothing has happened then it’s worrying. If something has happened then ok. But this is bad news.


We’re not the police… We’re volunteers who are trying to keep Wattpad what it still is - one of the, if not the safest social medium around. anyway, I have noted what you said, thank you very much, and I will explore. If somebody left a comment like the one above on my wall or my stories, they would be in real trouble. But I’m quite a bit older and have got “insulated” in numerous boardroom brawls. A younger person will not have this coating. It’s those users we have to protect.


Thank you for caring. Sorry but I have dealt with exact issues seen around me. People very young talk about taking their life using exact method mentioned. And I am like where is this coming from? I would report it to police if I see someone saying it to a minor. With adults they are consenting adults. They can deal with it. But again even that is a big deal. Such users should be banned for life. Issue is muting them won’t do much because they roam free and go say it to someone else who maybe more vulnerable.


There is comment on ambasadors wall from 15th January. I think I read some more in prior with similar message. Person saying such thing happens. That’s why it has outraged me. It is re-occurring. As you said ambasadors are not police but maybe they should be. They have to go and deactivate persons account until investigation is done. I don’t know. If it’s false accusation go ban the reporter

Edit: by police … I meant having policing powers. Being able to do what I mentioned


That’s just not acceptable, Tamara :angry: Hope the user’s account gets deleted. You are a lovely lady and you don’t deserve this shit.