Wattpad Next Beta Live Writer AMA ft Nick & WritersXL



EDIT: The Live AMA will be held on February 20th, from 7-9PM EST. It will broadcast on Youtube. The link can be found here

Hello everyone!

It’s me, Nick, once again. With our new year update to the Next Beta, I figured this would be a time for questions and answers, and there would be no better opportunity than to bring a face, bring some personality, and do it live!

I’ve decided I will be doing a live AMA, broadcast over the internet (via Youtube). I’m here to collect questions for the AMA, in my fancy Google Form that you can click here.

However, me going through and picking questions would be a bit biased, so I’ve asked the community podcast, The WritersXL, to take over and host the event. They’ll be going through the questions, selecting them, and then grilling me as the community’s representative, and I’ll do my best to answer what I can over a couple hours of discussion.

The official time and date will be announced here soon. I’m looking forward to seeing what types of questions I end up being asked!

If you want to check out the work The WritersXL does, you can find their podcast here.

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Nice touch.:+1:


I can’t wait to see these questions and answers. This is super exciting!


Nice. Looking forward to this.


I submitted a question but even if mine isn’t answered I’m looking forward to hearing this broadcast. Sounds fun/informative.


I’d like to know if you reach out to random authors or authors can volunteer to participate? How does the selection work ?


You can read this post by Nick-


Sorry, just realized the questions were supposed to be on the form not in the thread. I moved mine to the form.


As far as I understood it you should send these questions via form Nick posted.


Yep just noticed that - and submitted. thanks for the heads up.


Your questions were good. I hope they get answered


Me too!


Send! :smiley: I wanted to send one, but I ended up with five of them :rofl:


@nick You’re awesome. Thanks for all your work for the community!


I won’t probably be able to see it online, but I sure hope to see it later :heart:


Hi, is the beta program going to be geared towards smaller books too?


Yes, it will. The threshold for the Next stories has dropped to 8000 reads. You can read Nick’s post here-

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Hello! Just wanted to say I am so happy to see an AMA! I love that. I think what I want more from this site is more transparency/communication and this is right up that alley!

Is there anyway you can host a general Wattpad AMA? I have a few questions about the site in general that don’t fit in the Next AMA, and would love to see what other questions people have as well, and what the answers might be.

But seriously looking forward to the Next AMA as well. Thanks again for taking the time to do this! It means a lot to a lot of users to see some questions get addressed. I think the community here, and the site in general, is just so cherished that we users are like helicopter parents :joy::joy: We always want to know what’s going on!! I think it’s just because this places has so much value to us. So seeing something like makes me so happy and feel involved!


We did at WattCon, you can find the video for it on youtube