Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


Hey everyone, new and old!

I’m Nick from Wattpad HQ, here to talk about Wattpad Next Beta and answer questions. This is a continuation from a previous thread, which you can find here.

I’m here to announce an update to the program. As we’ve said, and as continues to remain true, this is a beta program where we’re testing a lot of things and experimenting. We want to go slowly, though community response and engagement is driving things forwards for us a little faster than predicted initially. This leads us to our update:

The US is now able to purchase coins (and thus access paid content)

We’re rolling it out throughout today, so by the end of the day, everyone in the US should be turned on. We’re going to carefully monitor our infrastructure here in case unexpected outages occur or unforeseen bugs crop up. With that in mind, please report any bugs you might encounter to Wattpad (not here). When you submit a report, you also submit vital information about your app that the support team needs, so always report bugs as you encounter them.

Everything else remains true though. Wattpad Next Beta is still a closed beta program for the time being, and we’re still considering many options and seeing what happens. There are no new writers currently being added with this update, nor any other features for now (but watch for future updates). If you want even more information, check out the FAQ and website, which has been updated to reflect the addition of the US.

This discussion remains open, though I may end some conversations if they veer too far off topic. If you want to discuss other aspects of Wattpad, there are other threads floating around, or you can make your own, as this space is reserved for Wattpad Next Beta just to help us keep things organized.

Additionally, you may see a few other staffers pop in and out of here as a bunch of us are all watching and because I’m only one person.


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Just to get ahead of any tipping discussions, I will re-iterate, it (along with lots of other options) are still very much on the table, as we experiment through different things. There are even some designs and early builds floating around here for things like tipping.

This program does not exclude all other possibilities, and while I cannot guarantee anything or say we will definitely do X or Y, we certainly haven’t blocked them from being possible and we’re very much thinking about them all the time!

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Super silly question incoming.

Isn’t Mexico technically part of North America?


I don’t see why they’re separated like that.


Some believes Mexico is in Central America, alongside Cuba and Bahamas… CMIIW


I always thought North America was Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Think NAFTA, too.


Mostly because the language is different, those pages will be in a different language (as opposed to making someone pick North America then pick Mexico before they got to Spanish pages).

Not a reflection of our stance on the Central America versus North America debate


Ah, I see what you mean now.

  1. Are these roll out slowly going to happen globally? It seems as if wattpad is forcing this program until you can not disagree with it.

  2. Has wattpad improve its news system. There are alot of folks that don’t use the forums or read FAQ. These people don’t know what going on in this orange bowl of mess. If this hasn’t improve I predict that the writers in this program will receive a great deal of backlash.

  3. If possible, can we get an unofficial progress report?

  4. Why didn’t anyone decide to include urban fiction in the wattpad next beta? Those books do numbers as well.


Now that I can actually see the process of buying coins myself I can add this feedback. If this does go forward, a way to buy coins without the app will be needed. Right now it’s going to exclude those of us who are strictly web because it tells you to open the app to buy the coins. So I get keeping it limited for now but for future reference there should to be some way to buy coins on the web.

  1. As of right now, the expansion is to the US, but there’s always every hope that if we move forward, it would be everywhere.I don’t know what you mean by not disagree with it? Using Wattpad encompasses all of what’s on Wattpad, not sure I follow if there should be different versions of Wattpad for different people?

  2. We’re trying to improve and hoping we’re doing a better job. Most of the connected community ends up here, but additionally you’ll see announcements from the writers, and the program continues to self inform (every paywall has a “learn more” section in it, so on, and so there’s a lot of information around for people to access. If they don’t access it, we can’t force them, unfortunately.

  3. Isn’t this the progress report? If you’re asking me, here in this official channel for official updates, to give an unofficial update under the table, I definitely can’t. Not sure I follow what this one is asking for either though, will need more clarification.

  4. Urban fiction wasn’t particularly excluded, there was no decision saying no urban or anything like that. Not all the stories in the program represent 100% of people contacted. Some may not have joined in and may have had other types of content.

But also with Urban, it does particularly well in the US, not very well in places like the UK or Canada (and is additionally localized to Georgia/Florida/Alabama, fun fact). With the US now being tested to see if everything is stable, and us looking towards the future, I would definitely think urban content is a possibility. Like I said, it’s not like it can’t be a part and now it’s primary audience is online.


Disappointing. I thought this was a statement on the NAFTA negotiations & Trump’s wall. Wasted opportunity imo.

Joking aside, it’s exciting to see how the US readers will react to that :upside_down_face:


Great feedback! This is something we’re working on. We know that members of the community are reading on many different devices, and payment on web is important to ensure everyone is included.

Currently, anyone reading on web can still redeem Coins that they have purchased through the app, and read Wattpad Next beta stories seamlessly on web.


I have been looking for the information but cannot seem to find it stated clearly anywhere:

Who makes stories locked for purchasing? Is there anyway to turn the coin system into a donation system? Like after the release of every chapter there is a little option to donate to the author via these coins, versus having to unlock chapters?



Hey @charlottemallory!

Wattpad Next beta stories have been selected by our team using a variety of criteria. Our editorial team used data to select stories that are diverse and include a variety of genres and interests.

As Nick mentioned above, we are testing donating and tipping as part off Wattpad Next beta. Readers can tip writers participating in the program by going to their settings and clicking on ‘donate coins’.


There are people that disagree with wattpad next beta. In my opinion, this doesn’t feel like a beta. It seems as if the WattpadNext is only in beta until it slowly rollout globally.

No it isn’t. You said in another thread pertaining to WattpadNext beta that the program was doing well. A lot of folks in that thread wanted to see evidence of your claim. In that moment, you became a source with no proof of said so claim.

We would like a Progress report of how the program is being received so far. This includes which demographics are buying the coins, how each genre is being received, and how has wattpadnext program affect their reads.

Thanks for the fun fact.
Since urban fiction is popular genre in the U.S, would it be possible to add a urban fiction book to the WattpadNext program?


what coins


Awesome, thank you so much! I do love the idea of tipping as a service. I’ve seen quite a few stories that are worth the support and would love to make it a voluntary options versus requiring to unlock them! That’s awesome!


Short answer is no, we wouldn’t be able to add an Urban book since we’re not currently adding any stories, but future answer is yes.

The program as a whole is a beta in that this is a version of a thing that we’re testing. Beta means we’re still testing it, tweaking it, and changing it. But it also means this is the likely future path, so both are true at the same time. A beta can be rolled out globally, the beta part just means it’s experimental and we’re leaning from it. It’s subject to a lot of change so people should give their feedback so we can make all those changes.

As for the progress report, I mentioned that we would very much want to talk about how the program is doing but for now I didn’t have those numbers in any formatted way. So if that’s what you mean by unofficial, like the raw data I cannot pass that along no, it’s pretty messy anyways.


um… the coins im so confused