Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


YouTube pay their content creators with ads not with the consumers money. That is why YouTube is successful when it comes to a paid platform.


I don’t think we can compare Wattpad to YouTube because reading something is different from watching a video. Also, YouTube has a far larger audience and is more mainstream in society.


I think we could compare the two.


Wait, wasn’t Wattpad already paying people through ads before Next started up???


How so? I think it’s like apples and oranges.


I think you’re talking about the Futures program.




Many people use ad blockers to bypass. (I don’t. I’m on the app and I just zone out while they’re on.) Whereas if you gave people a coin per ad or three, people would probably interact more, I think.


I bought Premium because there’s no adblocker for Iphone. But when I find one, I’ll drop Premium.


I wanted to read before bed without stressful advertisements. XD


I don’t have an ad blocker. Alas. I read about two chapters and get another ad. ;D


I have adblocker for my laptop, so most of my reading is done on here after I write a little first.


Pretty sure the ads are universal now, which is fine. Wattpad has to fund their system somehow. I’m cool with it. Futures also go towards the authors, I think?

  • That’s like saying Instagram and Snapchat can’t be compared, but they are both social media platforms.

  • Apples and Oranges that’s still a fruit.

In my opinion

  • Books or Videos that’s still content.

  • Ads: Wattpad introduced ads to pay the writers in the Future program. Youtube also has ads to pay their content creators. (Idk what happened to the Future program .)

  • They have the same demographic. Preteens, Teenagers and Young Adults. These are the demographic that makes a platform, especially a paid platform. (A youtube type platform)

  • Wattpad is also well known.


Not sure. Maybe both ways?


Unless it’s pleased to delighted, which is comparing apples to apples. XD



Not all of the writers in the Next program are Futures writers. I don’t get a cut of the ads, for instance.


Yeah, the futures program! That program was REALLY flawed! I mean, every book was getting the same ads but only some authors were picked to get paid for them? I didn’t like it at all :woman_shrugging:


I think the Futures program got shut down… Didn’t it??