Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


Isn’t Wattpad Next program different from Wattpad Future? or Was you apart of both? I’m confused


Wattpad Next is different from Wattpad Future. I’m only a part of Next.


Yes, the applications for Wattpad Futures are currently closed.
From this article - Wattpad Futures and In-Story Ads

Why do some people get paid for their stories?

Some of the most influential writers on Wattpad receive revenue-sharing from advertising on Wattpad. These include Wattpad Stars and a select group of writers in our experimental beta program known as Wattpad Futures. The experimental Wattpad Futures program is currently closed and not accepting new applications. We hope to offer new and different incentives for writers in the future.


That’s what I meant. Those apart of Wattpad future were receiving revenues from the ads whereas Wattpad Next received revenues from the coin system.

Why are ads still throughout the books?


How can I tell the difference between a Wattpad Futures ad and a regular ad?

All ads on Wattpad support the global community, ensuring the platform remains free for everyone to connect over stories. Ads that are part of the Wattpad Futures program will be preceded by a message indicating it supports writers.


It ticked me off that that was literally the ONLY difference in the ads. Like, some people got paid for the same things that were forced into our own books! It was ridiculous. I hope they implement another program like it, but that actually has a difference between the paid ads and the unpaid ones so that it’s fair to all those not participating in the program.


Because investors say so!


Just wait until it gets to two ads per chapters… oh wait, they already do that! XD Okay, wait until three ads per chapter on your story and you don’t get any of the revenue.


Lol TRUE! I’m on my computer though so I just scroll past the ads! I didn’t know you had to sit through them until somebody posted about me being the only author they’d sit through ads for and I was like, wait a minute, don’t we get paid for ads??

And then me discovering the crooked Futures program was born! :joy:


Transparency is key, which is something Wattpad sorely needs.


Lol Wattpad’s as transparent as a black hole. We try to look in and we can’t, yet all of our concerns go down the hole, never to be seen or heard from again! :joy:


It honestly feels like these threads are here to make fun of people like us who are against the program, but want to offer different solutions, then get kicked in the face for offering those solutions.


Yeah, kinda. It feels like the Next program is going to continue on, no matter the results, so these threads should not be up anymore because they’re not listening to us anyway :joy:

I just know I’m broke af so I won’t be meddling in any money spending business. Everyone else can have their fun with the program! :joy:


Amazon eBooks > Wattpad Next.


Dude, you think I can afford anything??? NAH

Though, on Amazon I buy a box set for like 2 bucks, so I am going there with my limited cash :joy:


I said this from the beginning of this thread.

Can we get the progress report now? Just like they did for the feature stories.


Nick - the majority of are users are delighted, and the program has seen an increase in support since his last comment like this. XD


IKR! When I saw the featured stories progress report and then the response of “it’s not ready yet!” about the Next progress report it KINDA pissed me off again! Like, it’s not that hard to show how many users are using the program atm



Instagram and Snapchat are both rely on visual media, so they can be actually be compared. On the other hand, YouTube has videos and Wattpad has novels. It’s scientifically proven that you use different parts of your brain when you engage with a written medium versus a visual one.

It’s more of a commitment to read a book and way harder to multitask while reading one than it is to multitask while watching a video, idly scrolling through images, or listening to music.

Have you heard of the idiom?

‘Cuz you’re kinda missing the point.

Different kinds of content as explained above.

I don’t have the numbers on me right now but I am fairly sure YouTube has more active and total users than Wattpad does, so it must be easier to pay their big creators ad money if they’re raking in tons of money. YouTube is also owned by Google if I remember correctly, so they’re also a much larger company and can handle these things much easier.

Do you have the stats to back this up?

Again, YouTube handles paying their creators differently, so I don’t see why this point is being brought up. (The whole being paid based on ads after reaching a certain level of subs and/or views on videos.) As far as I know, YouTube doesn’t lock people out of videos unless the videos are original content made for Youtube Red. Hopefully, someone with more knowledge than I can fill my missing gaps in information.

Wattpad doesn’t have an app released for numerous entertainment systems like YouTube does. For example, YouTube was only just recently added as an app for the Nintendo Switch. Wattpad is far from the level of fame and notoriety YouTube has in the outside world. YouTube has even been mocked and had version parodies in films. Can Wattpad say the same thing?