Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


I have heard of Idioms.


Sis, you out here asking for stats over my personal opinions. BOY OH BOY!!

At the end of your rant, I will still compare the two. They might have their differences, but they are similar in ways. Paid Platform an all.


I think you can compare the two. They’re not perfectly alike, no, but they both have a lot of comparable qualities.

BUT Youtube is kind of going through its paying transition better than Wattpad is, in my opinion :joy::joy:


Then why are you saying they’re still fruits?

That’s like saying PornHub and Wattpad are both websites and they can be compared.

Yes. I know. I thought we were having a discussion.

I don’t know about you but I have a preference towards numbers over personal sentiment.

You may compare them if you wish but I believe the comparison is invalid.

How so?

YouTube is a bigger company after all, so I don’t find that surprising.


IT WAS JUST A JOKE. It what some people say when others say, “It’s like comparing apples and oranges.” Don’t take everything serious.

You had to take it there huh!

We are having a friendly discussion. I just disagreed with your point of view.


I’ve never heard of that joke before. :man_shrugging:


I still don’t get why you think it’s valid to compare YouTube to Wattpad.

And I’ve already replied to each of your points on why I disagree, so…


Well, now that I’m on my laptop, I’m going to look up some stats to amuse myself.

That one is from May 2018, so it’s a bit outdated but it’s still recent enough to use.

That one is from last month, so at least it’s a bit more recent than the other one.

And for those too lazy to open the links, I’ll summarize the most important numbers.

YouTube — 1.8 billion users a month

Wattpad — 65 million users that use the site an average 274 minutes a month


Even though they are different they are becoming similar in numerous ways.

For example: Wattpadders getting publishing deals can be compared to youtubers getting records deals and brand deals.

When it comes to ad revenues. Wattpad was trying this out at one point in time.

A book and video are two different things, but to both platform that is content.


But that basically sums it up to “gaining recognition”, which is kinda super generic.

I don’t see your point. Any site can gain recognition in a numerous amount of ways.

Different approaches taken towards it and… Wattpad sorta failed, so not exactly a point of comparison. But sure, they did try? :man_shrugging:

Content that is consumed in different ways and scientifically proven to activate different areas of the brain. You can’t just sum it up as “oh they’re both content”. Otherwise, we can start comparing… I don’t know… “work out videos” to “cook book recipes”, which are two different things.




Was meant for astrophile not me lol


I think Wattpad is trying to become like YouTube tbh. Also, not really into cryptocurrency.

I mean, people aren’t even willing to pay for Game of Thrones, arguably the best show on TV right now. So I don’t see them paying for Wattpad stories.



If this was the case everyone would have been famous and every site would have been popular.

That is not super generic.

Not really. You had to sit and watch the ads and if you wanted to you could skip it. The same as Youtuber. Not everyone is monetized either.


Yes, because they are trying to be a PAID PLATFORM.




I wont come to wattpad much anymore because of all the nonsense from corporate


People with common sense arent going to pay for your stories, plain and simple.


I would honestly prefer if Wattpad hooked users up with publishing companies and corporations. Like if y’all could contact DC comics for me, that’d be great:joy:


That still proves my point about how YouTube has more users.

I meant it more like… you can’t compare a scientist getting a Nobel Peace Prize to a Wattpad user getting a publishing deal. Like sure, both are ways of getting recognition but they’re also very different. Similar to your example of the publishing deal and the recording deal.

Why not? It’s a very shallow similarity.

But at least YouTube’s ads were functional? Sure, the purpose was the same (to generate income for the content creator) but Wattpad’s approach was glitchy asf and had many issues.

So… I’m not really looking at the intent, I’m looking at the impact the change had.

Then again, I don’t know if YouTube has a lot of glitches. I don’t use it often.

Yes. Why? Do you think “work out videos” and “cookbook recipes” are similar?

I think it’s harder for them because people see reading books as a greater investment than watching a movie or a TV show. So, they’re more likely to spend time reading reviews about books to make sure they don’t waste time/money instead of just choosing a show/movie off of Netflix/Hulu that looks good because they also happen to have a subscription for the site.


This is something Wattpad Studios does, though its invitation only.

More info is here: https://www.wattpad.com/writers/opportunities/studios/


That is true. If it stays in its current state, I don’t see Wattpad Next succeeding in the long run.

I’m thinking it may only be successful now because it’s new and people see it as a novelty.


I think some kind of subscription service where you get to read X selection of “locked books” a month (e.g. pay $5.99 a month and get 2 free locked books a month) would work well on Wattpad. (Maybe add it to premium?) And if someone wants to read more than the set amount, they’d have to do the whole “buy coins and unlock it manually” thing. Just throwing out some ideas that I think may work better for the Wattpad community.