Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


So this wouldn’t apply to fanfiction writers? I mean, I understand with the whole copyright issue but comics are practically fanficton. The original writers are no longer around, and different writers create their own stories based on established characters.

Also, how would someone be invited?


Some of my readers thought I was getting paid through the ads. I told them I get nothing from the ads. I write for Free.99. They were upset and thought all writers got something for their work on Wattpad


I said nothing about users. I said demographics being a high number of young adults, teens and preteens.

Obviously not, but that has nothing to do with what I said.

This a shallow similarity when people are getting publishing deals. Youtubers getting record deals and brand deals. That is not shallow that is a FACT.

I’m tired of going back and forth with you. We have two different both of views and that is perfectly fine with me.


Did premium work?


Poor communication yet again. I’m really starting to think they want us to play the telephone game to get this info out to the public.


Fair enough.

You said content, despite differing in medium (visual vs. written) was still content.

But publishing deals can’t really be compared to record/brand deals? Those are different things.


No idea, but the whole “no ads + change the site’s color” felt like a cheap gimmick.

If they give it actual value like some level of access to Next stories, it might be worth it.


If they didn’t care about ads then they won’t care about books behind a paywall. Wattpad Next would work for a while but it will crumble, especially if wattpad can’t keep quality and consistency up.


Just throw the whole thread away. It’s a mess this whole site is a mess.


I’m not sure how familiar you are with Tapas but they have a paid system that seems to work very well. Like I do agree that Wattpad’s current approach is not ideal but… if they don’t do something, they might lose out to other competitive sites. I think that’s why things seem a bit rushed, fear of losing out to competitors.


Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Tapas establish themselves as a paid platform.

Rushing is not the way to go. You still lose when you rush the process.



I said what I said.


I’ve heard from some other people that they added in the paid features a few years back.

They have three different tiers:

  • Free
  • Paid for a week and then free
  • Paid

Authors with free (or paid) works can have tipping unlocked after hitting 250 subs on a story.

However, for the recent event known as Inksgiving, anyone 18+ could unlock tipping.

I was able to unlock tipping on there this past week despite having a new account.

There are also numerous ways of earning free site currency (ads, surveys, demos, games).

So… their system is definitely way more organized than what Wattpad has now.

I wonder if Wattpad feels threatened. :thinking:

Yeah. I’m kinda disappointing tipping was added as an afterthought in the beta.

It seems ridiculous to expect people to submit a support ticket just to tip people.


Beside WattpadNext Beta threads always turn into a great debate. Things get heated and back to normal just like that. We don’t hold grudges.


I meant why have this thread when HQ is going to do what it wants to do and y’all wasted 1100 posts going back and forth for nothing.

Edit: “At the end of the day” Cash is KING and investors want a good return with max profits. Charging to read is one of the ways of getting that.


That’s true, but they were the ones that wanted feedback.


You have to submit a ticket for that idea?


Tipping people is part of the beta right now but you have to submit a ticket to do it.


Yep which can’t say if that was good or not. I like google but I think after they owned Youtube, the old youtube was better? Actually I forgot why I didn’t like it.


Wow that’s not a good test. What if everyone don’t know they can do that?