Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


It’s not even mentioned on the Next Beta FAQ page! So, yeah, I don’t think many know it exists.

There’s also an issue where some people (mostly android users) can’t even see the option in settings to submit a support ticket to tip.


The fact that tipping is so inaccessible and Wattpad claims they want to compare tipping rates with unlocking chapters is problematic. It’s already been proven in another thread that if a story has both paid chapters and tipping, people don’t tip as often because they see it as double paying as opposed to free stories with tipping. This analysis came from looking at Tapas. Credits go to @saintc I think?


This makes it set in stone that wattpad Next is the next big thing. You can not inform folks that you are testing a different solution when its not accessible to the everyone.


Maybe that’s why they don’t want to share their data. It could be super biased and they don’t want to be called out over it. :joy::joy::joy:



Yup. Testing pay to read AND tipping on the same authors will skew the findings in their beta test. It’s a biased sample. Would have been better to open tipping to a different set of writers to get a proper grasp of how people feel about tipping.




Maybe if they tried this test with people who have an average fan base to see if they would support the author. If one has a large fan base they are bound to get a portion of people to support them. And to also give other author’s a chance as well. With the ads, people can watch for 5 seconds like YouTube and for every ad watched on the authors book a portion of income goes to the author.


I suggest that before doing too many ADS and Paywalls, Wattpad may want to look at how Television and mainstream TV networks destroyed their customer base through abuse of advertising.

How many people have cut the cord for NETFLIX who have no interruptions during programs for advertising? The only shows I watch on those old networks are on a PVR where I can skip the Commercials.

I run an AD Blocker and will continue to do so. There is a fine line between advertising and ticking off your customers. I will not shop at some advertised locations due to their disgusting advertising.

When submitting a ticket the first they want us to do is turn off our ad blocker. If this site becomes unusable due to advertising I will leave. I no longer believe most ads I see and do not follow the links. I have dropped many internet locations who HIJACK my reading experience. With the tracking and fake news debates in full swing I hope they proceed carefully.

Paywalls will only add to my frustration. Tipping on the other hand I will support. If I tip it is my choice, not someone else’s. I enjoy Wattpad so far, but I hope they move carefully.


We really need an adblocker for the app. Seriously, it’s beginning to look more like one of those annoying gaming apps with pop up advertisements everywhere.

Wish there was adblocker for the IOS.


Plus, my experience with Premium is that the app runs much more smoothly without advertisements everywhere.


Perfect way to describe it!


The advertisements also look fishy to me. There are some I would NEVER click on.


A lot of the advertisements, even when you play a game on their and stuff then exit after lead you STRAIGHT to that game app. It’s happened to me on some occasions.


Infuriating designs. XD


@225lily @FantasybkLover And this is why I read on the web :joy:


I do to. It’s impossible to read on the app unless you have Premium.


Or even use it.


Same here! My phone’s been gone for a while so I’ve been reading (and writing) via web.