Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


That’s why I don’t read on the app anymore. I only read on web, and I feel bad because I hate having to wait to get on my computer to read, I just can’t handle anymore freaking ads.


I can’t read before bed anymore unless I have Premium :frowning:


I can’t afford premium at all, so I only read on web. I had two separate accounts, though, and I don’t do a lot of reading on one (the one my app is always logged into), but I wish I could.


I only have it for one month because I’m trying it out.


I can see it being helpful for ads, but it’s far too expensive. There’s a lot better things I could spend that kind of money on. Like food…


I like the idea of optional tipping a writer you thing is doing a good job. Personally, I’d be willing to support a book and author I really like by giving them a small donation.

It would be better than paying to read, in case I ended up dumping a story because I didn’t like it.


Totally agree with this!


Yeah, feels like they should have tested tipping first, (even Tapas takes a fee of the tips so they could have done the same here) then tested unlockable content and see which one worked best. We really have no clue if they are telling us the truth about the beta because they refuse to release data on it.


I definitely think getting people used to the idea of tipping/donating first would go over smoother. I mean, the problem with asking for paying to unlock is that I think most of the readers, or at least most I get with in my genre, are teens. Teens with no jobs or minimum wage part time jobs that are saving for college or putting gas in their cars and such. It’s not a lot of well paid adults who can afford to throw out too much money.


@nick I have a question. What does the new algorithm take into consideration?


I really love the idea of actually paying people for the amazing well deserved work they’ve created for readers out there. I’ve seen A LOT of people completely turned away from this though and taking their readings elsewhere. I know this is in Beta right now, but isn’t there a way to implement people earning coins instead of physically having to buy them with cash? Like watching an ad, do a mini survey or anything else out there?
I want to see the authors and writers on here continue to flourish, but with people leaving it’s having the opposite effect. So many have voiced they don’t mind ads and that ad revenue can be put towards writers or even towards coins that could be earned.
It’s a fine tweaking situation and it’s far from ideal in the end but I don’t want to see people leaving because they cannot afford to pay for a chapter. I hope you all take it into consideration for the future of this beta to try something a little more people friendly (you know, for those who are lower class or poverty levels and love to read but cannot afford it.)
Thank you for any time you spend reading this. I look forward to future updates and information on this beta.






So, since this is most likely going to be where Wattpad is headed definitely, how many stories are still going to be free? We’re already only recommended “bad boy/good girl” and “alpha mate” stories, are these the only ones that will still be free?

When wattpad next is the only way we can read stories, can other authors apply to have their stories locked and available for purchase?


You can have a look at the NextBeta FAQ that Nick had posted in the first post-


And remember, Netflix toyed with on site advertising and that lasted what, a day? XD Because of the outrage for having ads in a paid subscription.






No no, stop!

It’s this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)