Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


Thoughts on people recommending Next Beta stories in places like the “Story Requests” board?


Look at TheTrueTerrydactyl, they started it. :eyes:


Wow thats a very good question.

Like, yes they may be good stories but they’re also paywalled…hmmmm :thinking:

Maybe they should specify for people to not recommend Next Beta stories to them?


I wanted to ask if there was any other way to earn coins other than physically buying it. And this is what I wanted to say! As a broke college student, I definitely cannot afford to buy coins plus I am perfectly sure that one coin here will cost more than a physical book should.

I recently installed tapas and I must say their coin system is good. I hope wattpad has some options to earn coins like them, since not all users are from European or the American continents. Tapas coins cost me like over 32 to buy just one coin lol! That way two tapas coins cost me 64! :pensive: So it’s impossible for me to pay that much for a single chapter to be unlocked. But if wattpad put up that earn coin system, I am all in. :smile:


Yeah with Tapas you can watch ads for Ink at least


True. It’s a good idea if something like that gets implemented :pensive: But I highly doubt.


Dont worry, MULTIPLE people have expressed the same concern as you to Wattpad so they know

Me and Xenoclea and Astrophile, to name a few :lumi:


Personally, I wouldn’t do it with my book. If I’m going to recommend my Next book to anyone, it will be my newsletter - or a paid Facebook ad.


I know that pain as a poor adult trying to just make it in life. This beta is still in it’s infancy so I’m just hoping within a few months or so they kind of lean towards the tipping or earning revenue through ads and surveys, that way it will be easier for so many others.
If you’ve ever tried WEBTOONS? I know they have stories for completely free and people use the tipping system from patreon for it or they just heart the story to get it recognized and eventually earn money. (Webtoons is my favorite comic place to use lol.)


Err, they’ll be implementing a coin system too tho


I don’t know when or where you heard that, but I’ve seen no mention of a coin system being added to Webtoons as of late. Do you have an article with evidence of this?


It was listed as a change in their Terms of Service: https://m.webtoons.com/en/notice/detail?noticeNo=893&webtoon-platform-redirect=true


I’m connected to a few artists who saw this announcement.


Ohhhhh, I just read it. Please no, I read so many webtoons too. I hope it becomes optional or a tipping system like tapas.
I read in there that the coins you buy can ‘expire’ that’s so ridiculous. Why would a company make people pay for stuff then take away the payment just because it’s not actively being used…
This is a discussion for a different thread for sure since it’s not about Wattpad, but never mind me…
I’ll keep advocating for people to use a tipping, ad and survey based way of making money. Not a ‘force people who cannot afford this content with physical cash.’
Let’s hope the creators and marketing team listen to the out cry of so many.



Like I just said, I read it when I pulled it up. Yikes though, not happy about it in the end…hopefully it’s not going to force us to pay for every single thing considering on Webtoons there are some seriously short chapters for certain comics.


Ah, missed that lol
I think it’s only for featured iirc? and probably still in beta. I’m only interested in discover comics, so this probably doesn’t affect me anyways.


Mhm. People won’t stand for that bull


So, I know a few people here were wondering about data for the Next Beta Program. I don’t have data from the actual program, but I ran a small scale poll in the research section of the forums and I thought I’d share what measly results I have now. I’ll also link to the poll, because the more votes the better and more accurate the data. I’m not statistics person, I’m just listing the raw data from the poll because I thought it might interest some people looking for data concerning this program.

  • Question One: Do you like the Wattpad Next System?

36% Neutral

21% Somewhat Dislike

18% Somewhat Like

15% Strongly Dislike

10% Strongly Like

  • Question Two: Do you consider yourself able to pay for coins to unlock stories chapter by chapter or buy the whole book?

65% No

23% Unsure

12% Yes

  • Question Three: How likely are you to use this system to support paid stories?

48% Very Unlikely

20% Somewhat Unlikely

13% Somewhat Likely

12% Very Likely

7% Neutral

  • Question Four: Out of these coin options which would you prefer on Wattpad?

58% Current System plus universal donation/tipping system

34% Universal tipping/donation system

8% Current System

Link to Poll:

I do recognize that this is small scale and can only reach the forums community at the moment, but I’m hoping that more people will vote on this poll so we can amass greater findings. Plus even though it’s small scale, the results have no changed much with each vote.

The small scale consensus appears to be that the current system is not people’s preference. Also, few people appear to posses the means/desire to use this system to support authors, however, are open to other options. I think people on Wattpad want to support their fellow authors but it appears that, at least from a small pool of people, this current system is not finding itself to be the most effective or desires method of that.

Hopefully more voters will provide more accurate results, and should the consensus reflect the current results, hopefully Wattpad will listen and possibly recognize what their audience is asking for and adapt to that.


Man, I didn’t know that. It wouldn’t affect ‘featured daily’ would it? Like that’s only for undiscovered? :thinking:

Also they up the age to 13? You mean they didn’t had limit before?