Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


Still nice to see the votes :slight_smile:


It is indeed! I’ve got almost 50 for each category, so it’s small but it’s something.


Thank you for this. I’m all in for supporting writers, but not this way.


Welcome! I feel the same, and that’s why I’ve been really interested in seeing what will happen with this. Right now, it feels like there’s been little data presented and all I can see if people who either want a different system or simply don’t want this one.


We! Want! Tipping!!!


I know how much I’ve paid for editors, cover artists and advertising over the last 8 years of DIY publishing two pen names - it was a lot and it should have been more.

So I’m in favor of giving and receiving money for the hours and hours of work that every writer puts into their work.

I’m happy to pay a small amount per chapter for the books I read. And I’d like to be able to leave a tip if someone has written something that I really like.


I’m not against supporting authors, because I understand the struggle of trying to advertise and promote when you’re on a tight budget, but I feel like tipping would be much more preferable to this system because so much of Wattpad’s reader base is younger, which means many of them (myself included) don’t have access to funding that would allow them to buy coins and support other authors.

If tipping were implemented, those who did not possess the means to pay would not feel pressured to pay, and they wouldn’t be forced to pay to read. Plus, then the system could be universal and more authors could gain support rather than an elite few.

I’m not against them adding tipping to the current system, though I personally don’t see the point in having both. I think the universal tipping would be a more effective and supportive system, and should they implement both, I imagine (based on this thread) tipping would be used frequently and the current system would be abandoned because why pay to read a book to support an author when you can support other authors and read their stories for free. But that’s just my thoughts.


Apart from my time and too many useless crafting books, I’ve spent nothing significant on my author journey so far.

Indeed I’ve saved by being on Wattpad through reading free books.


Oh my - what I’ve spent just on covers!

But to be honest, I spend more on editors, story editors, copy editors - if I’m gonna put it on Amazon and in a Paperback - I want it as close to perfect as I can get.

I would never publish a paperback that didn’t have an copy edit.


Sadly I read a lot of comics that were once not ‘featured’ but become featured…so it might bite for me. I just hope a good chunk of the comics I currently read are not going to end up having to pay…I already contribute to the patreon of a lot of artist on there so I would be forced into paying double.


Was Webtoons all free up to now as well?


Yup! Although I remember hearing you have to pay if you use the korean version.


I’m guessing they’ll implement a watch-ads-to-spend-time-instead-of-money method like tapas. Who knows :woman_shrugging:


Just throwing this out there, because tipping has been coming up so much I feel like it’s being portrayed as a bit of a golden ideal. I’ll be honest…I’m not convinced of this. I like the idea of the tipping system because I think it could apply to more authors, and it offers some support. That said, I’m not really sure that it would be used as much as people are saying.

Of course tipping sounds better than paywalls, because a tipping system includes the option that people still won’t have to pay anything. If readers can’t afford to pay to get past the paywall, I think they’re just as likely not to tip. I also think about what I’ve heard from Wattpad authors about great readership on Wattpad not translating to Amazon sales, and again, it makes me want to caution writers against getting overly excited about what a tipping option would really mean.

I think Wattpad is betting on the idea that stories behind a paywall will be better. And based on some of the reader complaints I’m seeing, many readers think so too. They’re upset about the idea of “all the good stories” costing money. Obviously, this is an exaggeration and wouldn’t really be the case, but I do think that the perceived quality difference could push people to buy a story.


No system is perfect, and I don’t personally think any monetary system will be used very widely, but based on the feedback from this thread, I think tipping would be something people would be more open and able to use frequently versus a paywall.

I know they’re betting on the stories behind a paywall being better, but many of those stories were already well written to begin with. They didn’t need a paywall to make them good stories, and an author of such good stories could potentially gain more from tipping where people read their story, love it, and if able offer monetary support rather as opposed to the author cutting their readership in half by having their book locked behind a paywall.

Either way, the amount of people able and willing to support will be less than their full readership, but since tipping is a smaller amount, and having a free book would draw in more people than having a paid one, they could potentially gain more support.

Personally, I think Wattpad should test both systems independently before jumping to implement one. The current method of tipping is very difficult and few people know about it.


I don’t disagree with this, I’m just saying that when I see a lot of comments that sound like, “I really want to support authors but I just can’t afford it”, that doesn’t to me translate into someone who is likely to be able to tip.

I’m really curious to see what happens. The way I see it, there’s sort of a natural process occurring on Wattpad right now: writers start out, gain an audience, start to get better at writing, and the stronger they get the more intensive the creation process is, and the more it starts to seem like their work might be of a high enough quality to earn them money, especially given the amount of time it takes. As it stands now, that means they have to leave the site. If no monetary system ends up being successful, then I guess Wattpad fails in its goal of disrupting that process and will continue to lose writers.

What I wonder about watching this debate unfold is what readers think of writers leaving. Do most readers see Wattpad as a site for amateur writing and practice, in which case they don’t mind people leaving once they get good enough? Or do they want the site to produce more high quality work and keep the creators that produce it? If readers lean toward the latter goal, then I think they should be supporting Wattpad’s attempts to monetize.

Agree! It’s hard to trust that they’re considering tipping as an equal option when it’s not really a full part of the beta and we haven’t heard any plans to do a separate test with tipping options.


I don’t disagree with this, I’m just saying that when I see a lot of comments that sound like, “I really want to support authors but I just can’t afford it”, that doesn’t to me translate into someone who is likely to be able to tip.

As someone who is broke, I wouldn’t currently be able to tip, but it would be a lot easier for me to muster up a few cents to donate to someone versus having to pay 3$ to buy a bunch of coins that won’t even get me one book.

As a reader (and writer) I don’t publish works that I plan to monetize on Wattpad because for me it’s an amateur site for me to share my fanfiction and smaller original works (like short stories) that I don’t intend to monetize or publish elsewhere. I look at Wattpad as a place to find FanFiction, publish whatever, and offer other authors feedback and help so they can improve their writing and allow others to do the same for me. I don’t mind big authors leaving when they get big and if I want to support that author I’ll wait til I have the means to buy their book from Amazon or a publisher or something. It’s nice to read quality writing, but I don’t expect to find the next bestselling novel here. Wattpad has never come off as a publisher or a site to make money from writing. I came to Wattpad originally with a book I would never be able to make a cent off of because it was FanFic, so for me it’s a community of readers and writers who are reading, writing, helping each other, having fun, and not having to worry about the complications of money.

Exactly, I agree.


I was going to say this too! I feel like a lot of people are positioning tipping as “we’ll pay what we want for the content” and then directly following it up with “I have no money for pay walls”. I like the idea of tipping, and I definitely support it! I think it would be a great feature to have, but I wonder if it would encourage most people to be like someone else is essentially paying for me to have this experience by other people tipping this author so I can read their content and not tip. Which, I think we can support authors in so many ways on Wattpad, but I think if an author is in this program they’ve made it pretty clear that they would like monetary compensation for their work. And fair, I’ve seen authors throw out there “I have bills, reads don’t pay my bills”.

I’m genuinely curious, and I don’t know the numbers of how it would actually play out, but even if in a pool of 100 people, with a paywall you might piss off 95, but you’ll get 5 people willing to pay the 5 bucks to read the book. With tipping, would it be 100 people, 2 of them donate 1 dollar? Or even 10 people tipping 1 dollar? Money wise, even if the first one is more controversial, wouldn’t it make more money overall for the author? But this is just my guess for how it would play out, only because I’m seeing a lot of “teens don’t have money to pay for it” and I think teens in general aren’t as used to tipping as adults are. I’ve been a server for 2 years and teens can be notoriously bad tippers (teens and middle aged white people lol) because tipping just isn’t as obvious to them. But teens will pay for the meal, because they have to, to get the product.

I’m not trying to shoot down tipping! I think it’s super great idea, I’m just curious if people think it would make author’s the same, or more amount of money? Even if it’s less controversial, if it’s making less money for the author, I think it’s hard to support it as the “better” option, even if it’s the better option for readers. If we’re talking either/or. In the end, numbers win, right? Does that make sense? I’m interested to see what people think, for those that support tipping.


I honestly don’t see why tipping/paywalls have to be a zero-sum game as long as Wattpad offers a way to earn free coins. Then you have the choice to spend those coins as you see fit.

If you can earn free coins, all these payment ability issues go away.

Trust me, I’ve seen it work. On another platform, I earned 12–15K of in-app currency just by grinding ads and playing a game. That’s equivalent to about 10 GBP or 18 CAD, I think. And I didn’t spend a single penny.

That can work here too.

You can still keep the coin shop for people who want instant access and offer tiered membership options of differing coin and dollar amounts so that everyone can buy in bulk.

This can work. Really. You just need a way to offer free coins to those who can’t afford it.


I actually just made a thread about this. I asked a literary agent, and she said that posting on Wattpad and similar sites, regardless of whether you make money, does use your first rights.