Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout




Thank you so much for sharing this!


The stories in the Beta underwent a rigorous editorial process with help from the content creators team - so the Beta is unlikely to be offered to everyone.

There’s also been no talk of an application process yet. That means most stories will probably remain free.

  • “I don’t know where the Wattpad needs to pay us for our writing authors have come from.”

From the Wattpad Master Plan: https://company.wattpad.com/blog/2016/11/30/the-master-plan
So, in short, our master plan is:

  1. Discover more great stories
  2. Turn these stories into great movies, TV shows, print books, etc.
  3. Create new forms of entertainment
    4. Distribute and monetize content on and off Wattpad, earn money for storytellers
  • “The stories in the Beta Testing are all relatively popular.”
    My Beta book wasn’t even published when the program started. It’s new and exclusive to Wattpad for this program.
  • “The paywall is EXPENSIVE. You’re going to pay around $7 for a book”
    My Beta book will be 23 chapters. Four are free. That leaves 19 paid chapters. 19 chapters x 3 coins per chapter = 57 coins. A 66-coin package costs $2.99. When this beta is over, I will not be putting this book for free on Wattpad. It will be published on Amazon - for $3.99.


Even if there were applications, not many would get in.


I am in love with webtoon! Yeah, tipping system will work too but Tbh, I won’t be able to pay much if tipping system were to be started either :thinking: I am happy to pay author but I got no means to earn myself to pay them! Lol.

Read that webtoon started some coin system in the comment above. I must check out what’s that all about! I hope they implemented it like how tapas did or I’d be devastated! :zipper_mouth_face::sob: Losing both wattpad books and some good comics would be (as dramatic as that sounds) heartbreaking for meh


lol they just haven’t gone through the Hulu, Viki, Crunchroll, all of these programs moved to being paid, this is to be expected with the amount traffic this site gets, doubled with the amount of people literally working. Writing is work, despite the pleasure it brings…it’s work, and a lot of writer would continue writing if it paid.


I hope they hear this and consider this option! :upside_down_face:


Can you publish on amazon if you’ve been published (for money) elsewhere?


This would help monetarily, but man, watching ads for coins is a pain. Thankfully, nothing in Beta interests me so I don’t have to worry about spending data and time racking up coins.


Jumping in to point out that Wattpad has now added a coin count above the profile bio.

I think it would be cool if Wattpad could do a Christmas thing where it has a sale on coins at a discounted price and readers could give friends and other readers coins as well. Of course, things would need to be planned out so don’t expect something like that any time soon, but just a thought.


My current coin count: 0



Same. XD







You can. A lot publish on Amazon, iBooks, Radish and loads of other places.

There’s very little exclusivity and I love to find stuff that’s nowhere else. Wattpad should do an exclusivity list or something.


Ah, that makes sense.


Yes. The only time you can’t self-publish is if you’ve signed a contract with a publishing company.


Ah, okay thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:


It would be great if Wattpad had a system whereby you could get coins for reading a certain amount of books - and leaving feedback, perhaps from a list ( so they can easily check that people did it).