Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


But then who would be responsible for checking it?


Wattpad could probably do it electronically. ( I’d hope) and then award the coins.


Couldn’t people just leave super generic comments and copy/paste to abuse the system?


Black friday, christmas deals, New years, maybe Valentines for the romance :smirk: and other stuff.

But by Canadian holiday or world? A fourth of july discount would be cool for the US (but not so much on the world I think)


Imagine giving people bonus coins on their birthday and/or Wattpad anniversary.


They’ll be like this

(I would too :joy:)


So far in the guidelines it mentions things being ‘optional’. So far I haven’t had to pay anything and they’re being mindful of those who already pay on patreon which is a really good thing. Would stink to pay double the money for every comic I read and support. I’ll post again on here if anything happens.


sends this to donald trump


I’m sure they would find a way to do it :frowning: And that’s sad since this would/could help authors and readers to gain feedback and coins respectively.


Oh hello thought I would say a thing here.

The only problem with the coins is that many people can’t afford to get them, or aren’t comfortable paying something online without knowing where the money is going, so many readers wouldn’t be able to read the great stories on Wattpad. It’s good that writers are able to get paid, but as a writer myself, I would like people to be able to read my stories for free. (I should add I am not part of the beta program but if I were this would still be true) Could there be a way writers could get paid while people on Wattpad still could read for free? Or at least be able to get coins for free, maybe by leaving reviews and feedback and finding ways to help the writer with their work.

I liked the way before when readers could watch ads to continue reading the story, because anyone is able to watch a 15-30 second ad but not many people are able to pay real money for coins to be able to read their favorite stories on Wattpad. Kinda like Youtube, where creators and still getting paid and viewers can still enjoy their work for free.

Writers on Wattpad share their work so people will be able to read and enjoy it, but a lot of people won’t be able to see it if they have to pay money to get to it.

Thanks for letting put in my input. I’m glad I was able to share my opinion on here and I hope anyone reading is able to understand what I’m talking about.

Have an amazing day. :sunglasses:


@Nick - I’m sure that these questions have been answered somewhere, but I’ve not found a FAQ page, yet.

Will these coins be exclusive to WattPad, or will they be BitCoins?

How much will each coin be worth? (And in what country’s currency?)

Will that value change over time?

Can they be exchanged for cash in any currency?

If not, then are these tokens that will be traded here for reads or services?


There’s a link to the faq in the first post tho


I’m having a hard time finding.

I’ll get there eventually.

Thank you.


Here ya go c:


I can’t find the donation button/link anywhere. Do I need to send in a ticket or is there a problem/bug with the Android app in general? I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app–but I’m still getting the same screen @Carolyn_Hill had:

I’d like to support a few of the authors via donation if I can. Thanks!


You have to send in a ticket to donate. From what I’ve heard it’s not very streamlined at the moment.


If not in settings then yes, send ticket. I don’t know why android is having problem with not showing donation. It’s sad :frowning: (I’m not a phone user though)


Thank you! Can anyone give me a map explaining how to do that? :rofl: Hopefully I can send a ticket on my laptop and not my phone (although–I know I can ONLY buy coins on my phone).

I’ve been using the internet since 1996. I’m quite used to website experimentation and things not going as well as planned. :slight_smile: That being said–I still need a map. :rofl:

I “thought” it was Android having the issues. Unfortunately, I’m a laptop lady–so I’m not too savvy with the phone either. That’s why I figured I’d ask in case I was missing something. :slight_smile:


I don’t actually know how…I’ve only heard that from others trying to donate. I’ve never sent in a donation ticket.


I went to Wattpad Support Tickets (or whatever it’s called) and it seems they have a “Wattpad Beta Next” option. I’m assuming that’s what I need. I just want to make sure before I buy coins to donate.
Thank you!