Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


@everyone @nick An idea brought up over in my other discussion on this subject, was the thought of keeping Wattpad Next, but making it more distinct from the rest of Wattpad.

For example, taking out the Supported Stories section and creating a whole page for those stories that could be reached through a banner or button like with Premium.

Wattpad could still advertise these stories, but that way they’d be more set apart with all the information regarding Next and what it is, so that when people click on those books they know that what they’re clicking on will require payment, where that payment is going, and that the quality of those books is assured.

Another thing is that it could ease people’s worries that the whole site will become monetized because if it’s a seperate program and page then people would see it as separate and not as Wattpad trying to monetize the site.

Just a thought.



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do you KNOW how upsetting it is when you’re just scrollin around to fInD sOmEtHiNg YoU wRoTe AnD fOrGoT aBoUt that has RESPONSES you didn’t KNOW ABOUT, one of which is from an aMbAsSaDoR

no srsly thank yall for clapping emojis and constructive dialogue I shall respond to le responses soon


Definitely agree on the free-in-app currency point. I have a lot of other apps on my phone that have an ad-for-coin system and it seems to work out just fine for them. When you’d buy coins instead of watching ads, you know you’re buying to read the stories slightly quicker, not just to read them at all. Which will turn off some lazy people but at least not all the broke people.

Or you could just, like, watch an ad to read the next chapter. That seemed like the program we were all going with before. Maybe I missed something, but is that still a thing? Was there a reason that wasn’t working? Did it pay less? Did wattpad get hit with an adpocalypse or something? Is it some technical issue? I mean, I saw some people complaining about it, but it’s a lot less people than I see complaining about this. Maybe the two programs will coincide or something.

And yeah, I deffo agree that a tweaked version of this program could work. But I also think it would only work insofar as it doesn’t start spreading around to every story on the site. I can afford to pay for some specific stories I’m interested in as part of the limited subset you have to pay for, but if I had to start paying to read every story on the site I would literally go broke. I would probably have to stop reading stories altogether and I definitely don’t want that to happen.


“I’m still curious to see them try it. I think you have a lot of valid points, and it could potentially work out the way you say. But if that happens, I don’t know that writers actually lose out. They’ll just not have made money, and that’s what they’re guaranteed now anyway.”

(don’t know how to blockquote yet lol)

My point is that I think it actually WILL end up making writers lose out. I’ve seen some books in the futures program - some damn good books, intriguing premises, fantastic writing, totally original - that start out with a lot of reads in the first chapter, but then when readers figure out it’s a paid book they dip out en masse, and the reads decrease drastically below what it would have been if the book wasn’t behind a paywall. As you go through the paywalled chapters the reads decrease and decrease from there.

So it’s not just not making them money - it’s also losing them readers, which was the original reason people post on Wattpad in the first place. They’re losing something important to them and not gaining anything substantial in return. I would rather not make money off my book than have nobody end up reading the book I put a lot of work into just because it’s behind a paywall.


But consider this: possibly the goal for some next writers is not to gain tons and tons of readers, but to make money. Especially if they already have free books on Wattpad that draw lots of readers. For some writers, it’s preferable to have a few paying readers and superfans than many readers who are only looking for free books.

If 1,000 people pay for a Next book, and that author is also on amazon, those 1,000 people are probably more likely to buy that author’s work elsewhere - and more capable of doing so.


To blockquote, highlight the part you want to quote and a little “quote” button should show up, click that and it will immediately put the quote into a response box and you can write above, below, etc. It doesn’t always work on mobile, but usually on PC.


My question is, say like you said, 1,000 people pay to read a Next book and that same book is also on Amazon, why would the readers buy a copy off Amazon if a) they already paid for the book on Wattpad and b) they’ve already read the book?

I could see a few maybe wanting a hardcopy or a version to keep, but in that case, I would image they would either buy the Amazon copy or the Next copy, and not both.

Personally, if it was on Amazon, I wouldn’t even chance it on the Next book, I’d just buy the hardcopy/Kindle eBook since I’m guaranteed it won’t be taken down, and I can keep my own copy.


Oh, thank you!


They’re entirely different readers. In the romance genre especially, readers on Amazon are different than Wattpad/Radish readers. It’s about reaching people where they read, and reaching as wide of an audience as possible.

Also, some Wattpad/Radish readers (they’re very alike) are in countries that can’t purchase from Amazon or iBooks/Google/BN/Kobo for various reasons.

With Radish, the people who buy the chapters keep the chapters in their library even if the book is taken down. I am hopeful this will eventually be the case with Next, as well.


And, if the 1,000 people who purchase my book on Wattpad Next like my work, perhaps they’d like to try the books I have exclusively on Amazon, for instance.


Oh, I thought you meant the same readers/same book.


I hope it’ll be the case.

Even with free books that are removed from the site, I still see them in my library.

For example, there’s one in my library right now that is no longer on the site.

Yet I can still read it so I know it’s possible.


Wait, you can STILL read a WP book that’s been deleted from the site?


Oh! That’s interesting. Thanks!


Indeed I can. I have no idea for how long, though.

Most times, I get too creeped out and remove it from my library myself.

But yeah, it is possible and there’s a book in my library right now to prove it.

No problem! :lumi:


Funny thing is that their was one book I had saved into my library and read, but the author took it down and when I went back to click on it, they said that they placed it back onto their profile, but it wasn’t there.



The only way to tell it’s been deleted is the fact that the book cover is faded in the app.

When I tried to access the comment section, a pop-up appeared saying:

“Cannot Comment.
Story has been deleted”

Other than that, everything else works fine.

The content is all there. It even shows read/vote/comment totals on each part.

If I go to the author’s page from the story, it doesn’t show the story on their page.

So… I only have access to it because it was in my library prior to its deletion from the site.

That’s strange.


Perhaps, but then there would also have to be something in place that checks the person wasn’t using an AdBlocker (or something of the sort) so Wattpad (because Wattpad is a business, they want money too) and the author getting the coins actually get coins that are worth money because they were earned from the ads on those stories.


I was contacted by Support several days ago that Android does not allow for tipping yet. (Just saying in case no one has replied yet.)


So no donation in setting for android? Well that one sounds disappointing and odd.