Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout


Dang! I wish I knew someone with Wattpad on an iPhone. Hahaha.


I’m listening. :ear:


Can I use your phone for a quick second to log into my Wattpad account? I “think” the donation feature still works on the iPhone app. Hahaha.


Ahahaha, if only that was possible. :joy:

Anywho, let me check my app to see if I have the option. :thinking:

Edit: Yes, it’s there. Right under “Customize Theme” in settings is “Donate Coins”


It’s not even that useful???

It’s literally just a link to Wattpad’s support page.



iPhone users get all the features. It’s NOT fair! I’m going to start a complaint thread about it right now!!!

(Hahahaha–kidding. I’ll wait–patiently–on my poor little Android…)


Is there a link attached to that donate button? Maybe I could just use that?


I think it just links users to this:



Well–I suppose I could just buy some coins and purchase a few chapters to make a donation. I “think” it would be pretty much the same thing.
Thanks for looking, Lumi!


It should be the same thing. Clicking on the button in my last screenshot took me here:


No problem! :lumi:


@Angelic_Vamp Maybe they think only people with iPhones got the money :joy: :money_with_wings:

@MarilynAHepburn Anyway, if you would like to send a user coins now, you can do it from Support, if you’d like!


Tsk tsk smh :rofl: At least phones got something. Since web don’t do payments we got nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooooooooooh! Ooooooooooh no you didn’t! :rofl:

Thank you!!! This good to know. Although–I sort of want to try out the coin thing on the app to see how it works. The way I see it–if I purchase the first couple chapters of a Next book, it’s like going in through the back door to make a donation for all the other free stories that writer has on his/her Wattpad page.

I think it’s pretty much the same thing. Yes? No? Maybe so? If not–I’ll attempt the donation the more formal way.

(Yeah–I should probably get back inside the box to do my thinking–hahahahaha)


So if you donate to the authors do you get to read the book or unlock chapters?


Good question! I wondered how that work as well.


@nick ^^


I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this because there are a LOT of comments on this thread and I haven’t had time to read them all, but just in case, I’ll bring up an idea I had. Has there been any consideration for offering gift cards that could be redeemed for coins? Given that there are a lot of teenage readers, they might not be able to pay for coins themselves but maybe could ask for a gift card for their birthday or for Christmas.

A gift card that can be used for books sounds exactly like the sort of thing my parents would have been happy to get for me at that age. :slight_smile:


Lol, I’m a teen and my parents would NEVER approve of me spending my money on books that aren’t even edited properly! They would grudgingly agree to it if I insisted, but they would gift card it to me or be happy about it!

It’s a good idea for kids with parents with different attitudes though, lol, I just don’t think my own parents would ever go for spending money on a site like WP instead of giving me a gift card for published books😊

Sorry, I meant to say good idea! I just played the idea out in my head and made it about my own parents so sorry :joy:

I also don’t need remember gift cards ever being mentioned on this thread, but I could be wrong.


Well, in theory, the books approved to be part of Next would all be edited, right? I remember reading somewhere around here that the authors who are in the beta got help with polishing up their books before coins were introduced.


They got “help” but they’re still not at the level of published books, I believe. Plus, the plots of most of the books are very cliche and overused in my opinion. It makes sense since they’re popular and that’s what sells and I’m not saying they’re bad books, but I wouldn’t pay for cliche books that aren’t even professionally edited and my parents would very much disapprove of me spending my money on that if I did want to :woman_shrugging:

But my situation and opinion is not everyone’s situation and opinion, so stuff like that might really work for some people!

I think the biggest problem with the Beta at the moment is how goddamn expensive it is! Some books charge the same as a hardcover trad published and edited book. But that’s just my thoughts on it.