Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout





HEY! Update on WEBTOONS. So the option to pay is for reading ‘in advance’ meaning the chapters CAN be paid for if you want to read ahead a few chapters and it’s up to the creator to implement the coins or not. Otherwise after about 2 weeks, one chapter at a time becomes free. They still can get the chapters favorited and there’s still an ad at the bottom of most. So regardless their earning money and being noticed!

This would be an amazing thing for WATTPAD to implement instead of forcing people to pay for each chapter at such a high rate. Make them wait or have the option to pay! I would love to see this on here.

Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: Writer Info & More

That sounds cool. I’m desktop so I can’t see it.

Off topic but I made a thread since I’m curious


Do we still not get any info about how much WP pays writers in the Next program? I understand if it varies, but if it’s a smaller percentage than what WP is getting, that’s a major nope for me.

And keep in mind, we don’t have any data yet (from what I can tell) about how much WP pays the writers from the coins but this is information they desperately need to release, especially if they plan to expand the program. Which I’ve heard sounds very likely.

Just curious and maybe I missed it somewhere but considering we are nearing the end of the year, I don’t think that info should remain hidden.

Unless of course it’s not and someone can prove to me that I’m a total moron XD


I think it was mentioned since this is in Beta-stage, the writers are getting 100%, but I haven’t noticed any updated info, so I have no idea if it’s still in Beta-stage or not :wink: