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It would be really nice if there was an option for a night mode on the app and on the web while browsing. For those of use who frequent at night time, like myself, the white can be a bit blinding. When browsing and all the other sites are in night mode, Wattpad can be a bit glaring in comparison.

When I think of night mode, I think of something similar in the same vein as the dark mode available here on the forums, night mode on twitter or reddit, or the dark mode in Mac OS Mojave.

Night mode is not only better on the eyes, but it’s also helpful in accessibility, as it helps some of those with other problems access the site more easily. It feels a bit redundant to need to download a separate browser extension to access the website, which could potentially be harmful.

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100% Agree. Would love a nightmode for the web.


I recently upgraded my Mac OS to Mojave, and I have dark mode on since I work online primarily at night time. When I logged onto Wattpad I felt a bit blinded, lol!

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You can use browser extensions to mimic it- but if you try to use the extensions on the forums it makes things look really weird xD


I’m always a bit wary with installing extensions, since some of them collect data I would rather they not. It feels a bit redundant to get an extension for one website, and that doesn’t really help with the UX on mobile.

begs Wattpad please, please please night mode. Please.


The dark mode is technically considered the night mode I thought


The terms are interchangeable, but I’m referring to the color scheme on the main website, not the forums.


Oh I’m wirh you 100% then

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Yep. I usually don’t have sensory issues, but the main site is super bright and it’s actually difficult for me to use it for longer periods of time. I just spent about 20 min going through notifications and replying to comments and now my eyes actually hurt. The brightness on my laptop is even turned all the way down.

Nightmode would solve this issue.


Yes please. That would solve everything I’m struggling with since the rebrand. The rebrand has rendered wattpad unusable for me because the brightness is triggering my reading issues. I don’t know if it’s related to my dyslexia or if I have some other undiagnosed issue, but I cannot be on wattpad for more than a minute or two since the rebrand.

I’m trying to adjust, I really am, but everything is just too bright from the white to the new orange. Forget reading anything written on that orange color, its impossible for me unless I squint really hard.

A dark mode like the clubs here would allow me to continue to use wattpad where as right now it is a strong chance I will be leaving the site if I can’t adjust. I do not want to install a third party add on just to be able to use the site.


@AWFrasier @Prisim :heart:

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It would be really helpful, yes. I’m autistic and have sensory issues. All the white is very blinding, and it’s even worse on the app. D: I have a hard time putting up stories and all that for more than five minutes without my eyes feeling as if they are melting. :sob:

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I 100% agree. I have a genetic eye condition that makes it very difficult to handle all that white. I can barely read on Wattpad anymore, and when I do try I have to stop after a chapter or two because my eyes are burning. I’ve kept the forums on dark mode since I realized I could change it and I’d love for the main site to have a similar option. I miss reading here


Finally someone asked! Thank you. I have to use a plugin just to use the main site.

Or a text based browser.

Without a proper night mode, the site looks kind of like the ending of 1984: or rather that torture implement you use for that purpose. People’s poor eyes.