Wattpad Not Allowing Updates - Claims Too Many Tags?

So, today I went to add a new chapter to one of my stories. I got this error:
Yep … know that. So I checked my tags. Only 25:
Anyone else having this issue?

In order to upload, I had to delete a tag, create the story part, upload it, and then go back and readd the tag I removed. Didn’t have this issue last time I loaded a new chapter on this story not even a month ago.

I had this problem on the website recently! My workaround was to make a new chapter on the app as a draft, and then I was able to go back to the website and edit the chapter there.

I think you should submit a ticket, seems like something’s not right.

Wow, a problem I haven’t had yet. I still get other people’s stories in my drafts. I’m done submitting tickets. I never hear anything back.

This happens to me every couple of months. I should of probably submitted a ticket each time but never did.

Yeah 25 is max

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If I go over it just tells me it’ll use the first 25 and still let me publish but he didn’t go over. Its a glitch.

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The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, but every time I clicked the new chapter button on my computer it just didn’t do anything, not even an error message. I had to make a draft from my phone then go back and edit it on my computer. It it is back to working now, so I don’t know what happened before. Trying it from the app might work for you if you are able to do that. Maybe submit a ticket, like other people have suggested, if the problem continues.

You should definitely submit a ticket to see if support can help you with that. But like others have said here, I also had the same situation a few times and had to create a new chapter from the app as a workaround, because it wouldn’t let me create a new chapter on the desktop, despite there being not more than 25 tags.

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