Wattpad Notif Secretly Virus

i just wanted to give you all a Heads up that what appeared to be a wattpad new follower notification with a virus in it was blocked by my mail server. Be on the lookout and dont get infected!


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@gabby (just tagging someone who i know is involved with support)

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Wait… so like an email?

Yes the virus hiding in an email. I never received the email because my mail server blocked the email

I don’t think the virus was actually from wattpad though

Kind of figured that. xD I don’t get emails from wattpad. :woman_shrugging:t3: That was something that I had stopped.

Yeah i just wanted to let ppl know because not everyone has the email virus security i do so i want ppl to be on the lookout for it :blush:


Lol, that’s good. :slight_smile:

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