Wattpad or Traditional Publishing. Both?


Will do.


That’s a euphemism for “some of it is pirated,” amiright?


I’ve had a handful of photographer and graphic designer friends unfortunately have their content ripped on there, which is why I’m wary.


I’m broke right now which is the reason I’m using it. Now I’m not sure.


Yes, unfortunately. I’m sure some of it’s good and uploaded legitimately, but because of prior experiences I’ve been wary.


What about shutterstock? Are they commercial use images for when you buy the image?


Sites like shutterstock woll tell you what rights you are buying with purchase and thats safest. Its best when its all upfront and clear.


Any alternative recs?


Hum… ill have to get back to you. There is a good image site i have used but im blanking one name. How bout fiver? Idk how the quality is there but they have designers.


Search for “pre-made book covers” (no quotes). There are THOUSANDS out there, and most are VERY reasonably priced.


Like I said, I’m broke XD Oh well… I’m thinking of asking the artist who designed the cover for TWR since it’s original.


I hear that. I don’t think I would have finished 4 stories in 3 years if it wasnt for my readers here.

Also, congrats on the interest from the agent. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Patty Jansen does some lovely dragon premades for around $50-60.

Or you could try the Book Cover Designer which has premades from lots of different cover artists and it caters to a wide range of budgets.

There was a specialist book cover stock photo site that was going to start having dragon art, if I remember who it was I’ll circle back and add the link.


Thanks! I’ll look into her.




Man, I hate to dredge up this reply from the depths of the thread, but are you sure you replied to the right person?

First of all, proven wrong… once again…? Have we ever spoken before? I’m sorry, I just don’t understand.


I was pleasantly surprised by that aspect of traditional publishing. They didn’t really touch my manuscript at all (though granted, I’d seriously edited it myself beforehand). And they actually brought me in during the earliest phrases of cover design, so the result was influenced by my ideas as much as the designer’s.


Don’t try to make sense of him. He’s a troll. Truly – don’t waste your energy.


Hi! You absolutely can do both! Sometimes, agents or publishing houses will even peruse Wattpad’s best-known works, so there’s always the possibility that your work could be picked up! For me, I won the 2016 Wattys with my novel Love and the Sea and Everything in Between and then, after querying a few agents, decided to publish independently. It’s worked out great for me!


But you can leave KDP at any time. A few mouse clicks, done. There may be terms and conditions, but no contract that forces you to stay in the platform.