Wattpad or Traditional Publishing. Both?


Yeah. I read the first one. Of one of the series. Don’t remember which.


KDP --meaning just publishing on Amazon – sure (and it’s not exclusive anyway). KDP Select, on the other hand, requires a 90-day, exclusive commitment.


Hi. Just taking a look around here. I’m only 15, so I won’t be thinking about publishing for a few years, but I do like to know how these things work, so once I’m old enough, and my book has gone through more editing, I’ll already know somewhat more about the process.


Good for you! Research is everything!


How about Pexels? Not the greatest selection, but legitimate and royalty free.


Sure, just not in bookstores.


Thanks. I’ll take a look.


“Johnathan Livingston Seagull.” I remember when it came out. I was shocked at how short it was. Like 100 pages hardcover.


Quote: So unless you actually believe your Kindle will break from trying to download any of my massive books…?

No, I think my attention span would break from a book that’s 300k words of unedited blather.


That’s mostly true, but a self-published author may be able to convince a local independent bookstore to carry books on consignment. Especially if you’re willing to do a book event that brings your friends and moves a few copies.


Yes and no. It won’t be on a shelf, but you can make them orderable by using a POD service like Ingrams. That way if people walk in and request it, the store should be able to order it from the Ingrams catalogue.


Goes to show that the word counts for genres are suggestions, not something set in stone. :slight_smile:


As someone who finished her first novel at 15, I think you’re growing and learning so fast that by the time you’re an adult, you will look back on your current writing with a tinge of embarrassment. So instead of editing it, you’ll be writing entirely new things by then. Embrace it!

It’s also been said that the first million words any author writes are crap. So kudos to you for getting that out of the way early.


I’m 40…almost 41 shhhhhh lol

@Blayde - Validation is one of the main reasons I chose traditional publishing. It feels more like an achievement when a publisher says yes, as opposed to me hitting a button.


35 here. Following your profile. Us senior citizens have to stick together!


Haha, sounds good to me. :+1:


Harry Potter was a weird outlier. It popularized YA, and the series grew up with its readers. Anyone who read the first book in middle school would have been an adult by the time the final book came out, and I think that’s why the books gradually got darker and longer. Brilliant way to retain young, growing readers.


Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!! You can self-publish the phonebook, but getting past the gatekeepers of traditional publishing is an achievement. I’m still surprised that I pulled it off.


Thanks for the advice, but it isn’t the first thing I’ve written. I just don’t have the others on Wattpad


I want to publish traditionally, specially since so many people can self publish now a days