Wattpad or Traditional Publishing. Both?


I PM’d you.


Lol I’d love to see that PM :joy:


LOL. I’ll copy it and send it to you.


He likes to troll other members. The highlight for the year for me so far has been when he went to the effort of trawling my 1-star reviews to find derogatory remarks to repeat.

I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone in this club who has remained calm and professional despite a certain person. There are some fantastic conversations, shared experiences, chances to learn, and interesting perspectives that happen in the IIC and its a shame when one person fouls the pool for everyone.


Please do!




Lol I saw that trolling. I couldn’t believe it, honestly.


Stupid newbie question: How do I view that PM? I’ve recieved PMs through Wattpad, but not the forums, and I get the sense that’s two different infrastructures.


Nope, it’s through Wattpad. I don’t think the forums have their own PMs. (Do they?)


Huh. Haven’t seen it yet. And when I googled up “Wattpadwriters.com PM” in an attempt to troubleshoot, I got this gem. :laughing:


Go to wattpad.com (and log in, if necessary).
In the upper right corner, click the drop-down menu under your screen name.
Select inbox.

It should be there. It’s in mine, and – I checked – it went to your screen name. I can see your profile pic.


Found it! On my phone browser now, had to view site in desktop mode to see it. But Wattpad is dreaming if they think I’m going to download another app.


Me too




Yep. It’s a specifically British version of “all bark and no bite” or “all hat and no cattle.”


We need a writer version. All gloss cover and blank pages? All tell and no show?


I like that. Let’s go with that.


Seconded :slight_smile:




I read one story until I reached Chapter 88 and do remember mentioning things that could be improved, but you weren’t too receptive.

You may have been writing for 20 years, but one thing a writer should always remember is that the learning never ends. One will always be editing their work as they learn more.