Wattpad or Traditional Publishing. Both?


I know you’re trying to help but honestly just stop replying to him! He’s stated more than once that he thinks he’s a writing God - a literal quote - and that his work is far superior to that of anyone else. He made a thread that insulted his editor for editing his book.

So, as much as you’re trying to help, he’s not going to listen. Best to just leave him be and not reply at all, honestly!

As for your statement though, it’s incredibly true! I try to take all the feedback I get and take it to heart! Some are stylist choices that I sometimes change but most times don’t, but feedback about the plot and characters - and some grammatical errors and typos - are ALWAYS applied as long as I agree and/or more than one person has pointed it out.

Learning never stops in any aspect! In everything one does, there will always be room for improvement and we must be willing to learn! :blush:




So true


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Only moderators have pm powers here in the threads


When you click on the user’s name here, hopefully they have a link to their other wattpad profile in their profile. If you go there, you can PM them the old-fashioned way.

It really sucks that the two wattpad systems aren’t connected.


They were going to be more integrated i think, but there were security reasons to keep them seperate. Pms can not be monitered and they are still on the main site so they were disabled here


Just like everyone else said, yes but I’ve seen people with 100K+ followers (Verified and Wattpad stars) they have their stories on here but as samples only. But if anyone reads this, lend me your thoughts on this.


But the problem is getting to the place on the main site where you can PM someone. If they have a link to their main site profile, it’s doable. But if they do not, you can’t PM them. The link to their main profile should automatically be placed in the profiles here by wattpad.


The system’s not perfect and we’re still ironing out a few kinks here and there. That’s useful feedback, thank you.


That was my intention. I wasn’t ranting.


Thanks for this. I have sadly fell into their web of lies


Oh, that’s interesting. I’m new to … both Wattpads, but I noticed that they behave like two distinct systems - a really competently-built social chat site, and a very buggy book site. Little things like a good inline markup work in the social site, but are pretty much absent from the book site. Is there history there, like one site acquired the other? But sorry, that’s off-topic. So PM me. Except that you can’t :slight_smile:


This is good intel, and I’m not arguing, but I wonder if that’s all there is to it.

I know a bookseller, the owner of a small community bookshop. Wonderfully curated selection that validates that real bookshops aren’t quite dead, but that’s beside the point. I asked him how distribution looks from his perspective. He showed me the kind of info he gets from publishers directly, and via Ingram. Even for books that have been out for a couple of years, the online catalog info is a lot richer for a Big 5 book than an independent. He can order from a huge selection of Indies through Ingram, but the information is so limited, the buyer has to know what he or she wants. From the big 5, he has their online catalogue information to browse, reviews, sales statistics, and richer meta-data via Ingram. It seems to me that’s always there, not a one-time blitz.

It’s quite possible, though, that large chains only pay attention to the whatever the publisher’s sales guys say they should stock – and how much the publishers are willing to pay to have their picks shown cover-out on display tables.


I’m not heavily invested in wattpad so my experience will be less than many others. What you call the Book site was the original wattpad. For security reasons (I think that’s what they said) they split off the forums to the Community site. The problem is, they didn’t integrate the two so using features on the original site, like PMing, is difficult if at all doable.


Sorry, I know this is an old post, but I just blitzed through this interesting thread.

Small info bite: The first Harry Potter was 77k words, not too far from the ‘recommended’ length for an MG. They were already creeping up at that time from an earlier 50-60k standard to 60-75k. Now, 90k is not uncommon. Only when Rowlings became successful could she get away with door-stoppers like the Order of the Phoenix (257k words, massive for YA fantasy)


That’s really interesting. I didn’t know that :slight_smile:


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I’m sorry, but you sound like a dick.