Wattpad or Traditional Publishing. Both?




It’s just the way he is. You’ll get used to him. Or may be not.:joy:


Also, the middle schoolers who bought the first book were in college by the time the final book came out. That series matured with its readership, which I think is kind of brilliant.


The Pern books were Adult Fic when they started and became younger as time went on.

I was a fan of the original 3, and STUNNED when they became kids books. She was an excellent SciFi author.


HA! Older than all of you! 58


LMAO! I saved my allowance to get the White Dragon, the first hardback I ever bought.


Nope! I gotcha by a whole year. :sunglasses:


I’ve got to do something with my twitter account. It’s been staring at, daring me to tweet something for a couple years now.


Anne McCaffrey! Oh my! I bought most of her books. They’re still downstairs.
The white dragon
Moreta, oh that brings back memories. I loved those books, read them many times. Only the adult ones though, the kid stories confused me. Her son wrote quite a few as well. Not badly either. Loved the bit where the dragons soar in turbulences. That got rather real (I hate flying)
Okay, that was off topic but personally I find having them in the shelf, as something I can touch - I think it still makes a difference.


Me too. I bought them in digital, and I still reread them.

My favorite McCaffrey book, though, isn’t sci-fi/fantasy. It’s a horse story called “The Lady” (in the US – was titled differently in the UK). I can’t count the number of times I’ve read it, nor how many copies I’ve purchased.


Strangely that series never worked as e-book for me, but that’s me. Maybe it was simply the thing to do at the time.
There’s a place for everything I would say.
I’ve gone hybrid anyway. I’ve got my publishing deal and I just entered NEXT. I think that’s a wonderful mixture.
I love experiments as much as old books…


Never heard of it. Will check. Her writing’s great


I think I have a copy somewhere. It was one of her Ireland Romances. It was VERY good.


One of? There are more?


Yes, with some of the Harper Hall books. They were geared for such a young crowd.


Romances - two are in Ireland.
Ring of Fear, The Mark of Merlin, The Kilternan Legacy


Oooh, I love anything that’s related to Ireland! I might check this book out.


Be aware it’s set in Ireland in the very early 1970s. If you judge the characters by today’s standards, you may be frustrated.


Running off to find them. THANK YOU!


Are they still in print? I picked mine up at a yard sale 10 years ago.