Wattpad or Traditional Publishing. Both?


I’m a historical fiction writer and reader, so I’m good :rofl:


Well, I have no idea if what I just bought is truly new and in print, but I was able to buy all three (with Amazon Prime, no less). The covers look old, and they were not available for Kindle. I’ll get them on Monday and let you know!

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People can say what they want, Amazon is a marvelous thing to have. Even without prime.


I was married to an author who was short-listed for two national-level awards, and this is NO stretch of the truth. Either you have some ba-big-big-big following online or you get on TV where lots of people will see you, or you just struggle in obscurity like the rest of us, even though some publishing house actually took a chance on you.

(Then, when you don’t sell, it’s all your fault and you don’t get a second book contract.)

I had no idea when I was in college dreaming of being a writer that the degree I REALLY needed was called, “marketing.”


I just finished getting my late husband’s last book through a small press.

Oh…My…God. WHAT a food fight!

I’m glad to hear some people haven’t had so much trouble. Really, it’s all about who you ended up with for a publisher and what THEY like and want.

Luck of the draw, really.

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thing is…

Dude man could very well break it up into three books and ATTRACT MORE READERS AND MAKE MORE MONEY.

Doing my research on here (and there and everywhere), it really does seem that authors don’t pick up much of a following unless and until they have more than one book out. (Certainly happened to my friend Judy, who hand-sells her werewolf novels. Sales really picked up once she had three books out. She has sold more than 500 books, good for a self-published author, especially when you count almost NO online sales at all.)

People, if they don’t know an author already, are going to look at a massive book and go, ehhh, maybe not. Too long. Especially if you have problems or mistakes in your first ten pages that tend to stop a reader reading.

But if they look at the same author and see THREE smaller books, they are more likely to give you a shot. I don’t know HOW many people, upon seeing my friend Judy’s super author table with all the clever werewolf stuff, plunked down $50 for three books, where she couldn’t do that when all she had was one book.

Based on this, I’m going to FINISH THREE BOOKS, then put them out. Not ONE huge book, and NOT one at a time.


Had an awful lot of them-type folks in my RL critique groups over the years. I’ve been called a &*^%, had people throw chairs, throw papers…

The last person who did that self-published making very little changes to his book based on the feedback he got. He’s sold less than 5 this winter.

walks off, whistling…

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