Wattpad Poetry Presents: Bards & Coffee

Snap your fingers to the best of Poetry; with the Wattpad Poetry Profile Thread for the Poetry community on Wattpad. Here you will find:
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• Pop in just for a refreshing conversation on the joys of being a poet.


Hi! My name is Maria and I’m glad to be here. So what shall we talk about? :slightly_smiling_face:


hi, maria! how are you?

let’s discuss poetry!

do you read poetry? if yes, do you have a favorite poet? <3


hey Maria! :slight_smile:


Ooo,… I’d have to say Michael Faudet and Lang Leav, naming them together because they’re like milk and cookies, they’re best read when read together. It’s like two sides of the same story.

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Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I do occasionally read poetry, but mostly it’s all spontaneous self-expression through verse. My favourite poet is a Romanian called Lucian Blaga. He has such profound, soul-touching poems, at times in awe with life and creation, at others deeply in the moment, expressing his great love to the woman he adores. His verses touch a chord, and though they’re light as a feather, they somehow manage to leave a mark deep within. I also like Yeats, especially his He Wishes For The Cloths of Heaven.
What about you?
Have a great new year!


hey hi ^~^ nice to see you here

i like how you used the term ‘milk and cookies’ -

blaga and yeats
oolala, you have rich choices <3

i can tell you are an amazing poetess by the way you described your favorite poets :slight_smile:

i have many favorite poets but the one whose name comes first on my tongue is rupi kaur. ever read milk and honey?

Hey! No, I haven’t, but I’ve heard about her. What’s your greatest poem ever read, though? Of all times.

i highly recommend reading milk and honey =)

my favorite poem of all the times has to be…
um, that’s a difficult question xD

currently it is sylvia plath’s ‘tulips’

what about you?
do you recommend me a poetry or a poet?

i strongly recommend erin hanson.

just type erin hanson poems into google and they’ll come uo, otherwhise she is known as @thepoetunderground on insta - or something like that

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Hi! Oh, I love Kipling’s If, William Ernest Henley’s Invictus (please search it read by Morgan Freeman on Youtube!); Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman (read in her own voice is so much better). What else? None comes to mind right now, but I’ll get back to you if it does.

@everybody - what about a poem makes you like it? In my case, it’s a mix of feeling the choice of words is just right and that the words themselves have meaning, aren’t just trivially there. How about you? Thanks for replying. Have a nice day, everyone!

So is this a poetry group thing? An official Wattpad poetry profile?

Hi there, my name is zahra I’m happy to be here

helloooooo zara ^~^

how are you?

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yes :smiley:
welcome to the official thread of the poetry profile

how are you lovey?

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Good, a little stressed, but hoping to get to do poetry soon.

And you?

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