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Okay, so I feel like I’ve beeb seeing a lot of negative things about wattpad recently. On here, about like glitches and changes and stuff and off wattpad about it just being fanfiction (not saying ff is bad). BUT I want to share what I love about wattpad. I’ve been on here only for a few months, and I think it is amazing the amount of high quality stories there are on here with diverse and underrepresented characters in them. I’ve read more diverse stories in wattpad than I have traditionally published books in years (and I’m a heavy reader). For example, I’m currently reading two ongoing stories with asexual characters (check out the eagles arrow by @Xenoclea or Un-titled by @LanaJoKing if you’re interested) . I’ve read maybe one or two trad published book with a character that could be considered ace in my life.

TLDR; it makes me happy that wattpad is a place for amazing diverse stories that haven’t yet found a place in trad publishing.

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It’s nice to see the positivity! Sometimes people lose sight of it too easily. Joining in on the positivity train…I don’t think I would’ve ever finished anything if not for Wattpad giving me a platform to connect with readers. It made such a huge difference to me, having readers who encouraged me and other writers who gave me feedback. I’ve definitely improved my craft from being on here.

Plus, I’ve developed some really awesome writing friends who make me feel so excited to work in my little corner of mashed up genres. I think you’re right that Wattpad provides amazing space for more diverse stories than have currently found homes in traditional publishing. It’s really exciting.


From my experience, Wattpad is far from the disaster that some people think it to be. It’s not better or worse than traditional publishing, IMO, it’s just different. I write outside of Wattpad as well, and the constant pressure to produce a story that delivers something new while still fitting with trends and audience standards is always present.

But in Wattpad, I can do anything I want with a story. I can make it as cliche as I want it to, or as wacky and out-of-this-world as I see fit. It’s really like a playground or boot camp, where writers can test new ideas at an easy and comfortable pace.


Honestly it really is. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for wattpad


Thanks for that comparison. I definitely can see how neither one is better, but they are different. I love the idea of wattpad as a playground though


True. Ever since the tags such as “we need diverse books”, “talk the POC” and even with Wattpad’s Multicultural profile, there’s been a HUGE increase in terms of diversity being in Wattpad books.

I agree with the traditionally published statement, although it has been.increasing with the #ownvoices novels and such out there, it just hasn’t been that fully represented in terms of stories.


:sob::heart::sparkles: thank you

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Finally, another positive thread, i am kind of sad that most of times, people are negative and instead of loving something, they hate/dislike (almost) everything and only notice bad things about something instead of noticing good things and liking it (especially Wattpad). I guess there’s no positivity in this world sometimes. sigh


Yay!!! Nice to see a positive thread about Wattpad :black_heart:


Yay for positivity! There’s far too mich negativity around. If it wasnt for Wattpad then I probably wouldn’t be writing at all. I’m not comfortable sharing my stories with people I know in person so its been great to get support, encouragement and feedback from everyone online.


Same here, i like Wattpad for giving me ability to write. I never wrote stories before (or remember writing them) but when i found Wattpad, i am glad that i began writing stories about things i love, and that’s why i like Wattpad.


I often started to write them but lost interest or motivation. Once I found wattpad I really wanted to finish my first story and now it’s up at 20k views or something. Its incredible and wouldn’t happen without this site.

For all its faults, the positives definitely outweigh them.


I’ve been my happiest writing on here, even though it’s been barely a couple of months lol. I can write freely without too many restrictions on my creative flow :grin:


I am sorry to hear that, but i am glad that you have 20k views, it’s really amazing how Wattpad lets you write your own stories online which means other people might be able to see your stories and that’s a really good thing to me.

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I’ve kind of been touring other sites. Every site has its pro and cons. I’ll tell you the things I’ve really come to appreciate about this place.

  • HTML. I’m serious.
  • Staff who care and reply to your questions. We seriously take for granted how much staff care about our books and fostering an awesome community.
  • Professionalism. There is a solid support structure. We are informed and included on feature update comms and changes.
  • Community. I don’t think there is a content sharing site that can beat the writing support here towards development.
  • Awesome mix of people that this site attracts. It’s nice. :grin:

I don’t know where I’d be as a writer without Wattpad. Wattpad not only helped me grow as a writer, but showed me what my passion is. It made me realize my full potential.

I’ve also met some amazing people on here. They have been such a positive influence in my life and remind me I am important.


Oh, I totally agree with all of your points! Especially the staff and community is something I’ve come to really appreciate.

I mean, Nick with his ARG? Now, that is a lot of work and he takes into consideration our suggestions now, while obviously having other work to do as well! Or Paul with whom people have formed the (not yet official) Llama Society, interacting with us directly? And, like, Nick in general with answering all his questions.

Also, all the Ambassadors are so awesome!

And the community, my goodness! Authors with great books just normally interact here and that is really amazing. You also get to talk with people that are, like, so much older than you and you won’t notice much of that. So many different cultures and languages are on here as well, it never ceases to amaze.


Wait! There’s a Llama Society?! Ahem, I would very much like to join this!


Can I just say, I love this thread and the light you are shining on all the great things that is Wattpad. I for one am so thankful that a community like this even exists. A place where we can all come together and bond over our shared passions, and experience the creativity that many would otherwise keep hidden deep inside.

Wattpad HQ do an amazing job of interacting with their users and being present within the community. They ask our opinions and keep us informed on what is happening, and represent again what the Wattpad Community is all about. They deserve so much more appreciation than they get!

The same with the Ambassadors in each field. They do a fantastic job of helping everyone and representing Wattpad, and they don’t even have to do it. They choose to do it because they truly believe in what Wattpad is, and does. They are always kind and helpful in what they do, and it is always great seeing them around! They are awesome people, and Wattpad wouldn’t be the same without them!

The support and encouragement that Wattpad offers, and the different languages, cultures, experiences, and skills that pool together in both the forums and on the Wattpad platform itself is astounding. The interactions that readers and writers alike can share in is truly amazing. There really is something on Wattpad for everyone!

Thanks Wattpad Team for all that you do for us!