wattpad product team have some questions for y'all

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I posted a couple of my stories on another site a while back. I was basically experimenting, trying to see if I could get a bigger audience. I found that there were some features that I really liked on the other site (since I’m a programmer I loved having the option to write my own code to format my chapters), but I got very few readers and didn’t find anything like the community here on Wattpad. I left up what I had already posted, but I stopped visiting the other site after just a couple weeks.

My biggest pet peeve about the Search results is that when you try to search for accounts dedicated to a genre, fandom, or topic, it comes back with completely inactive accounts while cutting out useful community accounts. As someone who runs an group account dedicated to helping writers of a particular fandom, it annoys me that the search results direct people to accounts where no one is around to help and doesn’t show our group at all.

One thing I like about the search, though, is that it’s easy to use and allows you a choice of whether to filter out certain kinds of books depending on what you’re interested in.


I was thinking about it as it was recommended to me since in other communities it is easier for new work to be noticed think of it as if the new category we have here where everything new has a chance to be viewed. Sometimes starting in a smaller community helps, but again I don’t have my work anywhere else-- or maybe I did try one place but I forgot lol.

They are always the stuff I am running away from! I can’t have a filter so I don’t get specific genres and get different genres to pick from I have to figure out ONE genre and if I am just browsing most of it is either werewolf, vampire, or romance. So I need to go back and search genre specific when I only want to stay away from few types of genres or few tags it is all put together I can say what I am looking for but not what I don’t want to see.

2!! I would like to know my readers more and knowing them would help me know which group is more attracted to my work so I can work forward knowing my audience even if they weren’t the ones I was thinking about in the start at least I know them and I can ask them about what they thought if they were comfortable with it ^-^

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Opps I read it the opposite way as what I would like to know lol well Idk either so far as I can’t tell if they are readers or critiques or from where my readers are coming I just know that they are coming from somewhere

but some seem to check my work after it was mentioned so being around the threads helped a bit ^-^

For me, it looks like reading and commenting appears to be the trick to other people checking out my stories. I’ve gone a week since publishing and just started reading a book with a similar plot as mine.

Boom! Someone adds my book to their reading list.

Even with being active in the forums, I haven’t really noticed too much activity except for follows.

Whoopsi daisy I moved my answers to the appropriate threads.

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Many of the people in the threads seem to read my poems instead of my story ^^’ for my mind frustration I am in a fantasy club! Why is everyone checking the poems instead of the fantasy! lol

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I’ve posted my story to Fictionpress as well as wattpad to try and attract other readers. It’s so difficult to find active, ongoing stories on Wattpad because of the way search results are ranked. Fictionpress posts the most recently updated novels first. However, the audience doesn’t seem nearly as active/engaged as it used to be.

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Have you tried using the Last Updated: Today filter? Or am I misunderstanding what you’re talking about?


I agree. Commenting on other books generates more readers than being active in forums. That’s been my experience for sure.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that the search function on Wattpad isn’t nearly as intuitive as on other sites; it’s really hard to find what you’re after, it takes a lot of trawling.

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