Wattpad Protostars 4.0

Ah alright. Thank you though, this has been helpful!

@houseofmirrors hello! How have you been?

What about falling stars? They grant wishes!

Be active on the forums, read and comment on other’s work, put together a good brand on social media for your work, be consistent and work on projects, focus on a growth mindset to improve - these are all things that have been recommended. It’s best to just focus on becoming a better writer, the rest will come, don’t worry.

There is a manuscript wishlist in one of Nick’s threads (though I can’t seem to find it right now) but that was for Paid Stories. For Stars, it seems that they are currently focusing on the Wattys winners from what I’ve seen in the slowdown of invites since the Wattys. After that, then you’ll probably see another round of authors being added depending on what type of content Wattpad is after expanding into. They tend to be pretty widespread with who they invite - including niche genres - so just give it time and keep on doing what you’re doing and I’m sure in time you’ll get there.


Thank you! This was very helpful!

Mmm thinking of how to improve my writing more

You can look at this thread. The first post has listed the requirements for Paid Stories, but since Stars and Paid seem to go hand in hand and you need to be a Star to get into Paid, it’s probably safe to say that’s kinda the direction they seem to be going in? As I said, I can’t speak for any of the staff and what they look for but it can’t hurt to read the stuff they post around here and get a feel for how they tick.


Okay, again, Thanks so much!

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No problem at all :slight_smile:


It’s true. This star fell in love with a fox and granted them a whole castle.

You don’t have to stretch yourself too much. Find people you like, hang out with them, and occassionally nudge your circle wider. It’s not about the number of people you meet, it’s about the strength of the relationships you form. Look at your engagement from your readers’ perspective: you made a thing they loved and when they acknowledged it, you acknowledged them back.

Those are the types of interactions that tend to get noticed, not just by HQ and the like, but other readers and writers as well. Someone who knows how to develop relationships with the people in their corner stands out more than someone who passes from person to person in an attempt to reach as many people as possible.


Thank you! I guess I`m overthinking this (like I do with everything haha)

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:fox_face: You can’t tell, but it’s blushing. Also, this bone castle of mine is so amazing. Love you bby.


holy carp i found my old account from 2012… this is @VioletLouisaThorton btw

We all do this when we want something. The best thing to do is to only obsess about what you can control. Can you control becoming a better writer? Yep! Can you control getting good at social media? Yep! Can you control your personal brand? Yep! Just focus on all the stuff you can do - trust me there’s loads - and try not to overthink what Wattpad specifically wants but what will help you grow. Success will come.

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i tagged myself so am i it? xD

Thank you, again haha. I really want to get my work out there and I guess Ive been stressing about it too much

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It’s just how I prefer to roll. I tried other ways of networking and they don’t work as well for me. I hate soliciting strangers for help, or starting up random conversations with people I have no previous base with, or diving into spaces I wouldn’t be in just to hang out if I wasn’t networking. Those aren’t sustainable for me so I just focus on peeps I’m cool with and invest my time into building with them.


hey hawk…

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I’m going to quote Fray here and say: “Don’t forget to have fun!”. Yes, writing can be a grind, a job, a profession, but just remember to have fun with it too. Don’t stress. There’s plenty of stress to be had in working hard (good stress), but sometimes it’s just about having fun with your characters and being nerdy with your readers and spamming memes to other authors. Have fun with the journey <3



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