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These all sound really interesting. I’m particularly intrigued in “Forest Castles”, “Kay Rainier”, and “Sometimes It Happens”. I like weird stuff. The weirder it gets, the better. The one with the vampires, I have literally no idea how it works and how it plays out. It’s written in second person? It’s like one of those “reader imagines” I have never had the guts to click on?

I just woke up…

Top of the morning to you! How’s it hanging?

Low very low I work today . thanksgiving tomorrow have to help cook.

I really hate being that writer readers don’t trust to finish anything, lol. :joy:

It’s nice to get a boost after completion, but wow. THIS many of you were chilling until I pressed complete? Alright then.


Aww so is it fixed now? Did you get the help you wanted then?

We had tornado watches and a wind advisory last night. We still have the advisory and I’m nervous to drive because it’s so strong. :flushed:

Yes, that is one of the requirements. There is a link in the original post on this thread to the requirements, as well as other information regarding the program.

I know that Samantha said in her AMA that some people may be invited without meeting one of the requirements, but it sounds like those would be few and far between.


Check, check, and check

I’ve never realized that it doesn’t specify but I always read it as a completed, 40K story. I could be wrong though. Even if you meet all of the requirements, you aren’t guaranteed an invite into the program unfortunately.

Check, half check :joy:

I’m still scrolling through so I’m not sure if someone has linked this yet, but Nick did post what they were looking for for Paid Stories and Paid is linked to Stars, so it probably still applies.

It’s above your quote here and I’ve also linked it in the main post for everyone!


Thank you so much! That clears things up for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Getting ready for work made pancakes for breakfast. Salt decided to pour extra so salty … still eating it food cannot go wasted

Someone left the Salt open on the wrong side -.-

Dude I just caught up to the latest book in this one ongoing series. Like the author pumps out at least a couple of books a year, sometimes three, and I’ve had seven great complete titles from him but now the wait is killing meeeeeeeeeeee.


I don’t read really…

We had a “falling star” whiz so close to where I live that it caused a sonic boom and lit up the entire sky. It was actually terrifying. Not worth the wish. 0/10.

I’ve literally had people thank me for always responding. When I get added to those story recommendations books, they always seem to note how responsive I am as well, even though I thought the point of those was just to recommend books they like. :joy: People love charting with the writer. I love when they’re like “OMG you’re the writer!” And I’m like “omg I am?!”

Me right now. Not only is it getting into the last half of the book, it’s also the third book in a trilogy. I just want to move on.

I switched to the Outreach team and it’s done wonders for my mood.

Stories or just chapters. I spent more than two weeks struggling with a chapter. I finally posted it this week like, “you know what? It’s just going to suck. That’s just how it’s going to be because I’m gonna snap if I can’t just move on already.”

And they all are saying how much they love it???

My thoughts on literally everything

That would be great! And yes :joy: I do. I do think sometimes even when the answer is available through google, it helps more to have a discussion about it. That’s just me though.

Why is this an actual fear of mine too?

The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.

I don’t want to die before I finish my story, or before I get to post my next one, or before I get recognized. Dying blows.

Well congrats again on that one! That’s so cool! I’m waiting on the results for my first three writing contests ever (aside from the Wattys). Also, waiting on The Fiction Awards results since I was in the top 3 for votes in my section, but apparently there’s more to it than that.

THIS IS ME!! I don’t do those smaller goals. They just don’t work for me. I do big goals, like that is what I want to be.

I’ll change it into a wiki now and then you can add things in there. I’ll go in and re-format or add to it later since I’m getting ready for work.

Yes! Yay!

I have never heard of this, but will look it up!

Thank you! And haha yes, I am! I’m just not a community ambassador, so no blue posts for me. I can’t even figure out which section is the right section for my threads. Fail.

This makes sense to me. My next story is really important to me and really near and dear to my heart. I hope it makes HQ want to make me a star, but I wouldn’t want it to be in Paid. I want whoever needs to hear that story to be able to for free.

So I could be wrong but I read that like “we just want a ‘normal’ (for lack of a better word) story but with trans people.” Like important aspects can still be mentioned, but it’s not the plot of the story.

Basically, when I read that, I thought like… a zombie apocalypse but with a trans main character. The plot is still traveling across the country, looking for the cure or whatever. But along the way, encountering problems that only a trans character would encounter, and showing the unique aspects of being trans in that situation.

But I could be wrong. That’s just what popped in my head. The politics are okay, just they want more where that’s not the focal point?

Didn’t notice this before and also curious.

YES! Do it and I’ll link it!

I’m sitting in so many reading lists called “read when complete”. Since I’m working on a series, I’ve gone back to the previous book and been like “book 2 is finished now!” And then I get a bunch of happy comments and people swarm book two. :joy:


I can’t believe I finally caught up. I didn’t think it was ever going to happen. :joy:

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Lala … long posts

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Haha I’m sorry! I wasn’t active for awhile so I missed so much! :joy:

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Well I gotta throw out my pancakes and get ready for work. R.I.P

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I get why they do it, but that shit hurts man. :rofl:

This is why I’m learning how to write without validation (complete the book offline before uploading) because lack of engagement from readers can rally kill the mood when most of the time they’re just waiting for you to finish.


How come?

I need to build up my reads before I get these types of responses. :joy: There’s a core of like 8-10 readers who follow and engage with everything I write and honestly those are the most important reader relationships you can have. Superfans are who push your books in front of their friends and complete strangers while you’re asleep halfway across the world and honestly they deserve the bloody world.


Nothing has peaked my interest … I am picky as frick

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I mean if you have a regular updating schedule I’m there like a bear. On Wattpad I’ll read an incomplete story if I know I’ll probably get at least a chapter a week; sometimes consuming bite size chunks can be as cool as binging, since you’re right there. But coming from a writer who’s deffo disappeared more than once on an impromptu hiatus, I know a lot of readers can get hurt by inconsistent updates. That said support your fav authors and be patient with them you lovely ***holes :sob: