Wattpad Protostars 4.0



Well then. Thats unfortunate.

…I really like that book…

You’re welcome.

For those interested on the Paid Stories/Stars progression - here it is in black and white.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

And yeah, it’s been super helpful. It was kind of a fluke; I didn’t ‘hire’ any of them. Turning Regular on the forums brought in a bunch of readers, and I think it also reminded a bunch of others that I existed. Then a couple more just showed up, unsure how they found me. It’s the most attention my book’s gotten in two years, and right when I was starting to solicit critiques, too.

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I guess I didn’t consider that people could still apply and then could be made into a Star… that is possible.

Whatever, my only stuff worth reading at this point is fanfic :laughing:

I hope this is still true! I don’t want anyone to feel like it’s clique-y and not want to join. I hope everyone feels welcome here :heart:

I get this and I wish you all the best. I hope I see you around still, whether it’s here or on a different site :pleading_face:

This makes me happy. I’m glad so many people feel this way.

Yes! This! I’ve said this before and… I felt like people weren’t hearing me or understanding me. I wasn’t trying to be negative or place blame. I just feel that they’ve seen me and they’ve decided against me. So same, looking into my options because it’d be silly not to.

I hope this is true for me :joy:

Omg I was so excited when he posted a screenshot of Jane’s book in his library! Eeek :tada: I hope him looking at stuff means something. Jane’s gonna be a Star, I can feel it :star_struck:

When did this become a thing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I missed that update.

You do? Yay!

Woah, that’s a huge goal. o:

Well I suppose they have their reasonings for it, but they might change their mind in the future. WP after all isn’t just a free writing site anymore. It’s a corporation and they want to make money while representing what they believe is their finest.

That does not mean that if they say no your story is not worth publishing or being recognized. They are like publishers, agents. They reject you, it’s just one rejection. There is someone else out there. Maybe even a big five will like your stuff! Big fives are more reliable than WP as they’ve been around for a long time and have a lot of pull in the writing business, so don’t lose hope. We all want to get our work out there somehow, but it’s not easy. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Imagine if JK Rowling started on WP and never got anywhere with HP series. She would have just kept going on to something else like she did when she was facing rejection after rejection. Don’t lose hope :slight_smile:


The opening was good, but the next chapters get all ugh, boring. But I’m really glad to hear you like the idea! :slight_smile: That makes me feel somewhat better.

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You all are welcome to try and catch my attention as a reader. I’ve been reading more on Wattpad lately. :joy:

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Yeah there’s no application process for Stars, only featuring. Featuring might get you on HQ’s radar, but again, you need to fit the criteria of the lists that they’re running that month etc. so… I secretly believe it’s all down to data. I reckon the alg flags people with certain patterns of engagement.

All eggs in one basket is always a silly move. It’s good to expand (and I think we’ve talked about some stuff over PM regarding this as well!)

Literally it became a thing in the thread I linked.

This! I actually applied for Paid in the final round of applications with one book. Wattpad never got back to me, another platform did and so it’s monetized there now. It’s just how it goes.


Must have been within the past few weeks because I looked the other day and didn’t see that at all. I’m just glad that feature applications are accepted without the provision of being a Star.


See! That’s awesome! Congrats. It’ll look good on your resume. It means your story has payability factors. That’s awesome. Congrats!!

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I have a five year plan for being able to quit my job and write full-time based on this goal, and I’m currently ahead on it. Who knows, though, how that’ll actually pan out in the long run.

Thanks! It’s not my first book to be monetised, the newness and excitement has kind of worn off on that front. But it’s always nice to know there’s another book to bring in some dollars at the end of the month.


It’s dark fantasy, kinda a retelling of the Iliad with a warrior-princess as the MC.

Does he have the piercing blue eyes though? (never found the actor this attractive before though I’ve seen him in a bunch of movies already:joy:)