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We’ll mauve not entire crap but I gotta fix the main premise and change the plot :grimacing:

Star Wars is an interesting one. I have to see it again before I can truly say I liked or hated it. Some eye rolling moments for sure and overall it felt very disjointed at times. Like he was trying to get too much into the movie.

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I got examples from others and I worked it out. Thanks tho :smiley:

The best kind of guy!

Ok, that’s fair. I just know I personally mock everything.

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LOL, it did, thanks. He snuck me chocolate. And Canada Dry, because he was shook I had never had ginger ale before.

Honestly, true!

Oh, I usually do! I just didn’t want to ruin it for the 9 other people in the theatre.

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Why? It sounded fine to me.

Because valid points out-weight wild imagination.

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Oh. lol I didn’t know it was a pitched idea. That always sucks when that happens and you’ve planned and planned and suddenly the rug is ripped out from under you and the idea falls apart.

But, if there’s anything I know it’s that you’re a brilliant, determined writer and you’ll find a new, even better way of making this story work :two_hearts:


Meh. It was fun until it wasn’t.

I just glanced over his review of it and by how in depth he got and how specific he was, I could tell he likes the idea a lot. That should tell you something significant :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ooooof, pantsing is hard. I’m trying out the new Story Notes, and I’m realising how much I BS my story lines.




As a fellow pantser I wouldn’t fill that out until you know lol. Though if I were a Potter I still might not fill it out since its definitely more for wattpad to data mine than to help writers. It’s too limiting to be much benefit to most writers.


It’s a crappy idea though and I don’t know what to do with it anymore. Changing it changes so much it’s not the story I fell in love with. I wanna write something but…I don’t know what anymore.

There’s got to be something to do with it. I just gotta figure out how to fall in love with that too.

Hello, everyone!


I’m a pantser most of the time. I am going to use it in the editing stage.

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My daughter is a theater kid and she surprised me when she said she was going to skip Cats. The trailer didn’t impress her.

You’ll then realize how useless it is.

I still have nightmares from the trailer…

Something that would actually happen to me. :joy:

But here, I’m already thinking of this as a horror/thriller and you’re thinking of it as a romance. :joy:

Hahaha, I hope everything went well though!

*tiny wave* I have returned from the abyss

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I plan my books in oneNote >.> I obsessively plan my plots, sometimes it takes a couple of months before I allow myself to start to write and I have lots of categories, a general summary of my plot and a summary chapter by chapter. The template looks like a comfy pair of pants to me, pants with real pockets maybe? Pockets you can rely on if you need to get something *sweats and shakes as the obsessive plot planner she is* (whispers: I don’t have a planning problem :eyes:)