Wattpad Rankings

I think there needs to be a change for the rankings. First and foremost there should be a forum that explains the rankings and the algorithm used and then there needs to be a way it isn’t like “Cheated” like you need a specific amount of reads or likes because I literally see books with 10 reads on Rankings but ever since I unpublished my book neither have made it on ranking and I don’t get it. How does it work?

The ranks were changed about two years ago because people complained that popular books were ranking (that’s how it’s supposed to with though) so they fixed it, and now we have this.

There are some glitches like ranking in tags you didn’t put yourself, problems like Wattpad erasing the corrections they made by removing two genres (now fanfiction can rank in other genres etc.)

If books with 10 reads ranking as #1 is the problem you feel—I don’t think that will change. It’s part of the fix.


Oh em Gems that is so ridiculous you’re right that’s how it should be I cant even get my old rankings back since I republished and I have far more reads than I did when I took it down I don’t get how to fix it

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Well, ranking depend on a lot, and maybe you just don’t have the right growth for the algorithm. It’s personally been helpful for me with my measly 1k to rank high because then I draw in more readers. Then the next week I’ll be booted from the top spots to crawl up again. Ranking high in #pirate was surprisingly helpful as readers who wanted pirates then found my story. I’m not mad at the ranking system. Some of my stories fail on them, and others seem to be exactly what it wants. I like that I can get up there for a solid couple of days, even if I don’t understand how and even if I know that my completed stories will never see any higher than the high 80s on most tags.


Mine literally lost all its rank once it unpublished I still get reads it went from 600 when I unpublished to 1.4k but nothing I don’t get what the algorithm is

the algorithm takes a few days to catch up. if you don’t see yourself ranking, edit something in your profile and resave, it could help it if you are stuck.

It favors as far as I saw:

bulk updates (5+ chapters published in quick succession)
updates to the story > reading list adds > comments = likes > story views

sometimes it’s just that random


Thank you I will try this

Yes!! I’ve made forms on this as well. It needs to change, the ranking system is a joke now. Some of the suggestions we talked about in my form was…

  • Only ongoing books can rank in popular in their genre
  • Completed books can rank in trending in their genre
  • Only newly updated books show up in fresh
  • Premium section only for paid stories
  • Stories can’t rank high for extreme periods of time

Honestly I dont fret/stress over hashtags anymore because I dont even look at stories on the hotlist/ranking. I look at other authors reading lists



I’m on the fence because good completed books can be lost


Like in a sport when they retire the champ?

Idk I like it I was high up before and it let me know who is watching now I just look at the map

I agree with this. Good books can be lost and are being lost now. Its frustrating.

HAHA maybe maybe. Honestly I put this in there moreso for the people who complain that the same books rank for months upon months. Maybe the book could only rank for a month and then it would refresh but that doesn’t mean the same book cant rank again a month later or something… if that makes sense!

And you like the hashtag ranking system? (this is a genuine qs)