Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



There’s not enough transparency in your comment. Inference unclear. Can’t even tell what is being said.


But yeah, lots of people on the forums reference back to you on more than occasion. :joy:

You set the bar high with Next. Which I think is a great thing! Especially with a new program like Next.


I’m not sure if this is abnormal or not but my story went from ranked fairly high to NOT ranked whatsoever, or ranked near the bottom of what it used to be ranked high in.

No idea why this happened, because before this happened my story was getting a high influx of votes.


Dedication and hardwork are always appreciated, Nick. What you do for Next, for the team, shows in your hands-on approach, your replies and your never-ending patience. You are genuinely a role model for many of us in the forums.
Thank you for all that you do, Nick :slight_smile: Much appreciated =]


Yeah mine went from ranking really high, to like at the bottom of the barrel. And then for the past few days have been not ranking at all.

I think that means they are working on it!


I hope so xD


Mine shows a ranking and then when you click on the tag it is in a different place in that list. Some of mine are waaaaaay off. Like on New adult romance it says I’m 127 out of 232 but when I click on that i’m actually number 10. Which is great. Just not accurate.


It’s been this way constantly since they changed the ranking system lol.

My main problem with it is that is makes NO SENSE. Like if I was getting no reads or votes then rank me 700 out of 701 in pizza or whatever but a story’s reads and votes seem to have little to no impact on the ranks it’s just all random.

Example: Way back in October my ranks were fairly decent though I wasn’t getting all that much traction on my story. Then I won a watty for it which yay that was great and then I was on the recommendation page for said watty which was even better. My reads and votes went up EXPONENTIALLY like even ten times what they were before which yayyy really good. My ranks? Went down. And then down some more. And have been very very low since then with no change which makes…no a sense. If my reads and votes are ten times what they were before why is my rank WORSE than before??? I’m not here to get fantastic ranks or whatever but it would be great for them to at least reflect the kind of traction the story is getting :woman_shrugging:t3:


You can read this post regarding fixing the rankings here-


I agree. One of my initial complaints here was that I liked when I had a ranking system that was somewhat predictable. Like I could figure out how to best tackle my story so I might be able to rank, because I noticed huge success with my story if it ranked well.

A lot of the fun and drive is removed when the ranks don’t work, at all, because aside from the fans, that was the main incentive for posting on Wattpad. I should also add that it’s fine if they break for a week, but after a few months of being broken, it’s definitely ruined some motivation for the site.

My stories have also fell to some low ranks, then will go up a little, then fall back down pretty hard


I agree with this 100% it really does take the drive out of it. I used to love seeing how my rank improved or what stories were ranked high but now I dont even ever look at them because it’s such a mess and random stories get high ranks for no reason and stories that should get high ranks aren’t ranked at all. I’m a really goal driven person so it was a fun little personal goal to try to get the rank up and now it doesn’t matter and it’s really become ten times harder to get traction on your story. Before you could get more readers based off hard work alone and now it’s just 100% luck and nothing else.


Meh tbh I don’t think anything about the ranks will actually change even if they are saying they will. It’s been an upwards of eight months with broken ranks I highly doubt anything will be different any time soon.


Wow I haven’t thought about quizilla in YEARS!


Same! I likes to adjust tags occasionally for better accuracy, and now all of my stories only show 1-3 tags ranking. They’ve been like that for a while. I know some folks said theirs are working again correctly, but mine is definitely not.


I got 1 back, in a very obscure tag with only 10 stories lmao.
But the amount of unique readers did drop when I lost all the ranks which I doubt is a coincidence.


What kills me is that I only started being active on this site in November, and I was doing OK for a few weeks until the tag system broke–right in the middle of posting daily updates for one of my stories. It’s complete now, but I probably would’ve had a much better readership if things hadn’t stalled when they did. Now that story is static in reads. It gets very little traction.


yeah I’m still putting out new chapters and most of my reads are from people keeping up with them instead of anyone starting it.I’d imagine I would get very little if it was completed


I have seen a few other authors also get affected like this.

I have no idea if this is something you can do, but if the ranks/rags ever get fixed and work well, can you re-publish it and start all over?

I’ve been here since June 2018 and I saw a huge benefit in the ranks when they worked. December is when I noticed I couldn’t rely on anything.


The two newer stories I updated weekly have been that way. The only one I have that’s getting reads (another one that’s completed) is one that fits the more popular genres on this site, and only because one person will add it to their reading list, and then one of their followers will see it, etc. Sort of piggy-backing reads.

But the others are DEAD.


I’ve considered doing so (and thanks for the suggestion). I’m hoping they get it fixed soon though, so I can see if the rankings-working-properly will make any difference on that front.


it’s very annoying