Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



/Sarcasm No, no @LightenTheShadows You just don’t understand. The Billionaire Alpha Kyle is ranked in the top ten of numerous ranks, including Mystery, because he’s mysterious. :joy: He’s also in Fantasy, because werewolf. I mean sure it takes place in modern society with maybe a vampire or two, but it’s fantasy!

People are always going to market heavy, and improperly, when they can. I do think that a refinement is in eventual order!

All joking aside, in Gabby’s response, it seems like they are currently working on getting this system functioning, let alone making a new one. Once the devs are satisfied with the algorithm, then they can work on refining it. It seems like it is a big technical undertaking, and I have worked with devs. Programs are fickle and unforgiving, and never tell you what a fix might end up breaking. You just have to keep trying until it works.

I am going to assume that at some point, once Wattpad can rely on this algorithm, they might start working on cleaning up Tags. I have seen people, even Nick, mention that he’s aware that there are a lot of billionaire alphas running around in the top 10 Hotlists.

Wattpad is clearly trying to not just upgrade, but go professional. They aren’t going to want billionaire alphas dominating their content. They’ll always be there, but I imagine at some point they will want to diversify it.



All jokes aside, having to pick one main genre which was the only hotlist your story could be on PLUS having all fanfiction have to go in the fanfiction genre totally helped with the “improper marketing”, in my opinion, and I just wish they’d go back to something of the sort.

Also, a dislike button for the recommendations PLEASE. That would make my day!


I agree with both those things!

I personally love having the Tags, but I do wish there was a way to help make them better. Like cap it at five maybe, or if you rank in the top 100 in one Major Genre, then you can’t submit to any other Major Genre, but can still use minor tags. Something like that would be a good compromise.

I also love the idea of using a dislike button for recommendations.

There is a lot of personalization Wattpad could do, but their devs are busy trying to fix it at the moment :joy: It’ll probably be another year, I’m guessing, before we see a personalized/refined system.


I prefer this too, but I will say that people complained A LOT about how difficult it was to rank back in those days. Hence, the tag system.

I think this one is tricky…I imagine that fanfic writers might not be a fan of having all fanfics lumped into one big genre? But I only write original fiction, so idk. I’ve just read through a few threads of fanfic authors feeling frustrated on the site.


I definitely agree that Fanfic should have its own way to delineate genres. But I firmly believe Fanfic should not be tied in with original fiction. They’re two different beasts with different purposes. I kind of like the idea of Wattpad having a Fanfiction section that has its own ranks/genres/tags.


Same! But I wouldn’t expect something like that for a while…:smile:


I agree, but I just HATE having to scroll through SO MUCH fanfiction in the genres I like just to get to a single original story that may not even interest me and continue hunting! Maybe having a button that, when clicked, takes all of the fanfiction out of the hotlists for that viewer? That way the fanfics get ranked and are in genres and all that BUT they MUST be marked as fanfiction so that the button works?? Idk lol.

Honestly, I’ve found it harder to rank NOW in the genres that actually count and not just something like “tree”. I had no followers and my book got high up in the ranks pretty fast, so I know it’s not impossible, but I also know that not many people have my luck. I guess I maybe liked the system because I could easily avoid fanfictions and I was ranking so I didn’t mind - or even really notice - the “it’s too hard to rank” thing :woman_shrugging:


YES, I think this could be great. A better filtering system came up in the Wattpad AMA from the most recent WattCon, so I hope it’s something they’re still discussing/testing.

Yup, I’m in a similar mindset. I never had great luck with ranking, but when I did actually manage to break into the top 200 or especially top 100 of a genre tag, there was a noticeable bump in readers. It was harder to rank because of the competition, AND it meant more when you did rank…because of the competition. :smile: I know for me, I’d rather have it be something that’s hard to earn but worth a lot, rather than something that’s easy to earn but doesn’t seem to mean much anymore.

Anyone else ranking in only 2 or three tags for all their stories?

at least you’re working on it, and that’s great :smiley: thank you for the update!


Hi, my tags and rankings disappeared. I had to put the tags back as the site would not allow me to publish the next chapter without it, but the rankings are still missing. I have gotten a response from @vivian.

I am just thinking at the moment that thank god I have some following or my story would never be read.


My rankings keep disappearing on me as well. I think it’s a part of the issue at the moment. You’re not alone!


its the first I am slightly annoyed. Normally, I have never cared for the rankings.

Btw, I liked your post about the ‘an example on sensory details’. Really helped with my writing and getting good feedback from the readers.


I understand the frustration fully!

Oh my gosh thank you so much! That’s so awesome to hear!!! I am so glad it helped. When I learned about them, it really took my writing to another level, so I wanted to spread the knowledge.


I am not joking, my reads went up. Couple of the readers did notice the ‘show, don’t tell’ aspect in my writing. I really focused on it in my story. My aim was to write something worthy, something I would be proud of. So, thanks.


I think the majority of readers and writers do, but shrugs. There not much we can do on our end I’m afraid. :confused:

Fanfiction needs be put in check, but I’m not totally against it. I to, don’t like seeing it dominate most genres or even tags. Heck, when I use the Fantasy and Dragon minus fanfiction tag, I’m still getting HTTYD fanfics. But not as many at least.

Some people don’t put Fanfiction as a tag unfortunately, so there’s not much you can do. I started to read one of the top stories in the dragons tag and nowhere except for in the first chapter of the book does it say Fanfiction. I felt kind of mislead.


[quote=“addieAft, post:236, topic:65305, full:true”]
I am not joking, my reads went up. Couple of the readers did notice the ‘sow, don’t tell’ aspect in my writing.

I swear everyone says this about every single book lol.




Yeah. It’s why I proposed like a button or something that, when clicked, hides all fanfiction from your view. Of course, this means that fanfiction MUST be marked as such, so maybe a rule could be that fanfictions not marked as such can be reported or something to discourage not marking the book as fanfiction???


Maybe wattpad could move to a ff.net/fictionpress system? Sister sites dedicated to original fiction and fan fiction? That’s something to consider, I think!


I work as a computer programmer at a company that has programmers respond to user tickets when the issue is one that requires us to fix it. As such, I have a bit of insight into both what it takes to fix these sorts of problems and what users typically like to hear from me. My company is a bit different in that our user base is limited to one country and some of our applications are only used by internal employees, but I’d like to weigh in anyway.

I understand perfectly that bugs can be difficult to fix and you might not know when they will be fixed. I think one of the main things you can do is make sure users know that people are working it and that it is a priority. I think your Known Issues are one way to do this but perhaps not quite enough if there’s no updates for long periods of time (if this isn’t the case here, I apologize, but that’s what people were complaining about). The other thing is to describe exactly what the problem is, especially if a fix that didn’t quite work fixed a part of it or changed the nature of the problem.

I suspect that some people have misunderstood what the actual problem is in this situation and have maybe even thought that it’s affecting some core functionality of the website when it might not be. I say “suspect” because I don’t have the full details either. But my basic point is that I think users would appreciate some greater detail about the nature of the problems and updates when and if they change.

I know it must take a lot to run such a complex website with an enormous user base, so I applaud you for everything you do! For what it’s worth, I have confidence that your development team will work through this and everything will be back to normal. Wish there was a way to thank them for all of their hard work on this!