Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



I so appreciated seeing this post! Thanks for taking the time to write it out!


I don’t know if this has happened in any other tags, but if people look up “diverselit” It is the same 10 books that are ranked repeatedly from 1 to 500 (and likely to go back further, this is only as far as I scrolled.)

This happened just after I made it to 50 :sob: I think I have the worst luck.


Update. Just checked the featured, lgbt, lgbtqa, fantasy, and adventure tags and it is happening there as well.


This has happened to me a few times for other tags in the app.


Just jumping on the bandwagon to say Thank you, THANK YOU! It’s amazing to hear from someone who’s working so closely with the person trying to fix the tagging issue to get some range of where it’s at and why it’s still broken.

While it still sucks that it’s broken, I appreciate (and I think I speak for a lot of people) your honestly and you taking out the time to fill us in on what you can. A little transparency goes a long way! lol

You’re a gem.

Thank you, again!


@gabby @vivian Hi! Apologies for tagging you both, I’m not exactly sure where this question is best directed. I had a follow-up question about ranking in general. When the system is working correctly, how quickly can rankings shift? How many times per day does the algorithm that creates the rankings run?

It’d be great to have a clearer understanding of how quickly (or slowly) the rankings can change. From my experience, it has always seemed like it was very difficult to maintain rankings without frequenting updating and readers reading/voting/commenting on the story. I think that if this is true, it might help to clarify for myself and other users what drops might be the result of a glitch and what might actually be the system working correctly.

Again, thanks for taking the time to chat with us and keep the dialogue going! I really appreciate it!


Thanks so much for the info! I have been very confused. I don’t know about others, but I wouldn’t mind updates on rankings, and I wouldn’t mind having them appear as notifications that I couldn’t miss. I’m fairly new to the site so still figuring out where to go for various issues.


For me, I think that this depends on how often the rankings change. I’m not sure I’d want multiple notifications in a day telling me my rank had shifted slightly, but that’s assuming that it updates more than once a day and that small shifts (or maybe big shifts) are likely to occur.


Oh no, I just meant notifications about progress on repairing the system. It would drive me crazy if they notified me every time about my ranking:tired_face:

So my issue sounds a little different from what I’m seeing here? I was looking for my book in the rankings, and, just this week, my book wasn’t there. At all. So not just that the system didn’t seem to work correctly, but my book disappeared from where the system said it would be. That was new for me this week.


Haha I feel the same! But yes, notifications on progress would go a long way to prevent some of the frustration and misinformation. I think they were really open to that feedback.

There are multiple different issues and glitches arising in the same general area as tags and rankings. I think on earlier threads a few other users reported the same problem you mentioned, in addition to glitches where the ranking appears different on profile pages vs. the actual list, tags are missing, the same 10-15 stories are repeated on a major tag over and over…and the list goes on. It’s glitchcity in the tags/ranking department at the moment! But they’re working on it, and hopefully will keep us as up to speed as they are able.


This is EXACTLY how I feel. I had no issues with the old system. Sure it was harder to rank but it meant way more when you did manage to get up there and it was a hell of a lot easier to get more readers with higher ranks as well. Now I feel like it wouldn’t mean much to be ranked high even in a huge genre like fantasy just because the ranks are always messed up and people randomly seem to be ranked high/low for no reason and I know a lot of people (myself included) don’t look at the hotlists anymore.


My rankings have appeared ( I still have my fingers crossed at this situation)

@gabby I think @vivian did expedite on the ranking issue. So, a big thanks and in Canada we normally say thank you with Timbits. So, I guess virtual Timbits to you guys. Lol.


That is so true haha


Yea I def have the profile rank is significantly off where I’m actually ranked.


Still broken here unfortunately. It says number ten for me, but my story is nowhere to be found in the tag.

A bit difficult to not be disappointed, especially with the update saying that some fixes should have been rolled out this week.


Yea it says I rank 281 out of 349 on my profile but when you click the tag and go to the list I’m #10. Who knows at this point


me too, it’s getting ridiculous hahah (I’m like 7 on a # when I search manually and it shows 900something on my profile). I hope they fix it soon


I am number one in something now and that shows up correct on my profile. The other rankings do not… I’m sure it’ll get sorted eventually


Hi, I noticed the ranking is changing almost every 3 hours. Is that a new changes. Before its like a week even stuck for weeks :grinning:. Ty


I think the tags are still not so accurate as I miss some I ranked before this (and they were less than 1k). But I think they are slowly returning to normal or at least for one of my books :rofl: