Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



The ranks still seem to have issues for me as well, with disappearing from time to time to never going past 5 tags that I rank in.


My rankings have appeared at least 3 to 5 of them. At this moment, it is 3.


Mines still busted… Only ranking in three tags on one book and the other ranks in just one. And the placement on the actual list is usually higher than it shows.

Before, there were always like 10 or so tags ranking :grimacing:


Since the tags are wonky, I have a book where my ranks and number of ranks changes.

One hour I have 6 ranks and the next one 5 of them. And in the most impressive it changes from 60 - 99th because the number of books under this tag changes too :smiley:


Also, I noticed just now… One of my books which only have one tag ranking - it says #291 on my profile, but the story is #22 on the actual list :woman_facepalming: I don’t even know what to think anymore. I just hope it gets fixed soon since I just got one of my stories completed… But I’m sure they’re working on it, I’m just impatient :sweat_smile:



What’s the mechanism when u ranked in a tag while in others dont? Ty


That’s something only HQ and/or people in charge of the algorithm know XD

We can only agree it depends on the traffic - your updates, the number of reads you get and votes during some time period. It also depends on other people’s books which may or may not have stronger traffic.

Right now it doesn’t matter since tags are not exactly working :wink:


I also have trouble with rankings. The “See All Ranking” button might tell me I’m number 32 on a particular list and then when I go to the list, I’m not even there. Or vice versa, the “All Rankings” might tell me I am number 115 on a list, and then when I go to the list, I am really number 25. Then there is the fact that the list itself is maybe 225 items of the same 18 repeated over and over again…

I, too, would love to see this fixed - if for nothing else, to have a true reading of a rank and the hope of visibility on these Hot Lists.



And I seriously wouldn’t blame them, the broken tags and genre has gone beyond a joke.


This is really getting out of hand…
I know that this is a free platform, and I shouldn’t be so upset. But I would rather pay 1 eu for example, and would have at least tags and ranks working…
My rank is not updating for God knows how long. Or it show incorrect rank. Like it shows lower rank, that it actually is, or that I am not ranked at all…


It appears to be a major bug so it may take them time to sort everything out. The new system was implemented not too long ago (last fall I believe) and wasn’t recognized as a major issue until about a month or two ago. They are having to clean up the entire algorithm in which case we may see a lot of bugs and issues before it’s worked out. Patience is key, but I’m sure they’re working hard. :smile_cat:


@Muminuke You can read Gabby’s post about the updates regarding the tag rankings here-


soooooo, it seems things have taken a turn for the worse now? (at least on my side) my books don’t show up as “ranking” on any lists now (and they are) and I can’t manually combine tags when I search # . I hope this means they’re tinkering with the # s, doing a deep cleaning. I hope they’ll tell us something soon, since it’s affecting searches now (combining # ) , I’m a little worried.


In essence…yes, things have taken a turn for the worst. Is it permanent? I am more inclined to think not. It sounds like it’s a major tech issue. It’s probably something in the coding, and they don’t have notes on the code and are having to work backwards. OR they are simultaneously trying to build an entirely new algorithm. Essentially I don’t often see “bugs” taking this long to fix. There are some deep coding issues, or rebuilds, going on. And code can sometimes act like a foreign language where you have to learn a new one in order to read what is there, depending on who wrote it.

It’s really disappointing, honestly, but I am still grateful for Gabby keeping us posted.

I’ve been waiting for an update, but haven’t seen one. They DID update the Help page with an update, and I was super excited, but that was on 2/27. I might need to poke around soon.


There is an update from March 6 now. https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020647491-Tags-rankings-not-working

When the ranks disappear, that always gives me hope. They’re usually gone for a few hours and then BOOM new rankings. So, hopefully, (and this is my guess) we’ll see ranks pop in later this afternoon and see what is what.

*edited to add link


GOOD EYE!!! Oh that’s awesome

@vivian thank you thank you thank you!!! That’s what I was looking for originally! It’s so helpful to go to the Help Page and see updates!!! I super appreciate it!!!


that’s what I thought, I hope they’ll give us an update soon


Yeah, my rankings change every single day too.

There’s rankings for all or half of my books, then they disappear for a few hours or a few days, and then they come back up. I’ve never had any issues with rankings other than the massive glitch last summer that effected everyone.


As KatKeenan pointed out, they have been giving updates. I posted an image to show that there was an update for March 6th. Woot!


I missed that update, thanks! :smiley: