Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



I was typing an answer, then went somewhere else, came back and hit reply, I didn’t see the post (and the posts bellow) until just now.


No problem! I am just excited they are working with us on this!


Mine have been frozen often as they have been for the past few days. That or they swing wildly from topping a list to not even being on it anymore from day to day or it doesn’t match the actual hot list. So strange that even that isn’t consistent across the board.


Soon. :raised_hands:


Thank you for posting this, I completely missed that! I’m even following that issue on the help page but never got the update. :joy:

I’m glad it’s slowly progressing! I saw everything disappear earlier so I hope that means something’s happening.


Thanks a lot for sharing this article :slight_smile:

@vivian Thank you so much for everything, Vivian :slight_smile: Much appreciated =]


This is the one that I would like to know more about. @vivian Is this an actual glitch, or do the rankings change that quickly when the system is working correctly?




same hahah, I don’t think the “follow” button under the update section is working, it just takes you to wattpadwriters’ homepage


Weird, mine haven’t moved in somewhere close to a week.


Thanks for posting this @katkeenan !

But according to the March 6 update, they’ve fixed the matching to the Hot List and mine are still off. The book info says it’s #44 in Motogp … 55%20PM

… but the Motogp list says it’s #3.

Should I submit a ticket or wait?


Is anyone else noticing too that their ranks are smaller in number now? I used to have on average 15 listed, and when they do appear, it never goes past 5, despite the story being more successful now than it was when I would place in 15+/- tags.

Do we know if it’s going to top at 5?


Well, I don’t know how they have “fixed” the rankings not matching hot list, since mine and several other’s still aren’t. I sure hope they’re still fixing it.


I don’t know, earlier I always ranked in several tags, but now when they are broken my stories have ranked on maybe one or two. Still, I don’t think they’re going to be capped at five since they stated they are still working on resolving the issue with stories not ranking.


Nope, I don’t think so, mine is still as broken as ever, not matching the hot lists and right now is stuck!
Mine is saying that it is 676 at #scifi, but when I scroll down the list I don’t find mine, at no 676 I see some random story, I proceed to check that story and its ranking, I find it not even showing it is ranking at Scifi!!!
This problem is draining my enthusiasm… it is mentally challenging, broken ranking means no readers will ever find it, so far I worked for each of my reads! I came here to write, learn and make friendships, not to whine over a bugged system!


My book has dropped of every ranking lists and have been for over two weeks, except one tag.
Nice to know that it’s a Wattpad issue, and not just my book that’s gotten irrelevant.


Captain’s log. Entry 2347. It’s been 84 years, I think it’s Monday today, morning. My rankings still don’t match anything, but since yesterday I’ve been getting lots of bookshelf additions so I guess I’m ranking high somewhere >.> as long as my readers can see them, I’m fine. For now


Hahahaah I love this

I am really sad about this though. I am about to finish my novel.

And I don’t have any ranks on my book.

And the Tags/Ranks have been broken since about chapter 15 for me and we are almost at chapter 32. It also kills me because I think it’s a story, that if given the chance in a funcitioning system, might have actually climbed in reads. And now I won’t know.

Even though Gabby has done a good job to inform us, I think I will refrain from posting anything new on here that is not a fanfic because it’s apparently actually Glitchpad.


I’m om the same boat. I just finished one story, and now I’m starting to think it was a very bad timing. :grimacing:


It’s definitely the worst timing to finish a novel. The best time to have a novel that gets regular updates is whenever this is fixed, because the algorithms will be fresh

But I couldn’t help it since my story has fans and I didn’t want to be mean and say, “Story is on hold for six months 'cause Wattpad!” haha.