Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



Okay, 2 things:

  1. I have ranks now, and they are all capped at five, and so many other stories seem to be too. Does anyone else have this issue?
  2. I have a proposition if Wattpad capped this and didn’t tell us: What if we could “ghost see” where our other ranks were, so we knew which 5 ranks we wanted to have up there?


I’m ranking in 11 tags right now.


Lemme check mine.


I’m ranking the same as I have been for the past week and at least one book has more than 5 rankings so far.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: You must be the chosen one!!

Dare say it…you’re an Offering to the Ranks :joy:

That’s interesting though!! You’re the first person I have seen with that.

Well, at least I know it’s not capped at 5!


I have one book currently ranking in 6 tags and one ranking in 7 tags. One of them dropped from ranking in 10 tags just before I completed it, when I was still updating.


:joy::joy: Some of them are tags that I no longer have on the book. For me, the ranks haven’t updated in over a week.


Hmm, that’s odd…mine just updated earlier today I think. Or possibly yesterday and I missed it…


Last week they disappeared, but then they came back as the same as they had been. I even removed a few tags and added new ones. Still ranking in a tag or two that I deleted. :woman_shrugging:


About to update. Wondering how that’ll change things. crosses fingers here’s hoping for the best.


I just checked my rankings and there’s still the discrepancy.

So what’s the status now?


One of my books has only 5-6 ranks, other has around 10+ but many tags are off. I also noticed the system shows you an incorrect number of all stories with that tag.

Like #openFF tells me there is 251 stories, but after checking the hot-list I can see only 145 stories :frowning: This also plays a role in mismatched ranks.


I think tags are still broken @charlottemallory I’m showing max four and I’m lucky if it’s more than that for my stories.

Any chance we can get an update please? @gabby I guess things unfortunately didn’t work for the partial fix the team thought was going to work last week?


Yeah, they still aren’t working here. Kind of a bit ticked off they claim otherwise. Trying not to be, but I think it’s clear WP needs a new algorithm or they need outside help to fix the current problem.


The apparent update above from March 6th is not true for all of us - “Our developers have fixed the issue where the tag rankings on the story don’t match the story position on the Hot List.”

My story is showing as being ranked no.947 on adultromance, but when I click on the hot list itself, my story is at number 54!

I’ve tried clearing my browser and logging out/in again but no change… :triumph:


Yeah I feel you… It’s not true at all.


Same for me.

The only reason I’m curious about my rankings is because I’ve been finding new users add my book to their reading list and I’m not sure how they’re finding it. I assume it’s via rankings but the ones where I’m in the top ten are random. Like “social network.”

If we got an actual update on whether this glitch has been amended, that would be great.


Well I was one of those new readers! :rofl:

I can remember that I was searching for ‘magicalrealism’ so yours would have been highly ranked on that list for me to find it…


Hey! Sorry for the late response, just wanted to do some double-checking before any updates. So yes, they broke, again, sadly. :sob: But! We’re currently in the process of rolling out another fix, so fingers crossed that tomorrow the discrepancies are a thing of the past! :crossed_fingers: If they’re not, we’ll be updating the Known Issues page again.

Thanks for your patience with this!

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Yay! That’s right! Thank you so much for reading!