Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



Nooooo. XD

But thanks for the update!


I just checked my stories right now, I didn’t check all of my ranks because some of them are a little far away from the first places on the list (like 900 lol) but the ones I checked match their ranking numbers (and if they don’t, the numbers are off just by a couple of places). Also, I can see more than five # s now :smiley:


I have gone and checked one of my tags where I don’t rank. I know I have ranked there before the problem.


I expected this tag to have more than 1k stories, but it shows only 932 books. I’m on PC so I searched for my username and it’s not listed :thinking: That is another problem - I often couldn’t get past a certain number of books in hot-lists and no matter how many times I reloaded the page, it either remained the same or I couldn’t get past 20 books even if that tag belonged to the biggest ones :rofl:

I think this may have a connection to the behavior I described earlier (or in a similar thread) where the number of stories under a tag doesn’t correspond between “list of ranks” and browsing the actual hot-list.

I hope the latest fix can solve this mis-numbering :wink:



I guess there is a small hope for everybody :smiley:

I checked another tag I use.


And this time I’m 849th :smiley:


Not the update we wanted, but the update we got : https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020647491-Tags-rankings-not-working

Still hopeful that it will be fixed! Soon! :crossed_fingers: We might’ve jumped the gun a little bit in thinking they were all good, sadly. For now, tagged rankings still aren’t 100%. But promise we’re working on it!

I truly do not understand Wattpad's ranking algorithm...
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Thank you for the update, Gabby :slight_smile: It’s really nice to have you responding and going the extra mile to bring us news on updates. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update, Gabby! Really appreciate all the work y’all are doing.


Can’t come soon enough. I haven’t been using Wattpad all that long, so I’ve never ONCE seen this feature working as intended…


I am frustrated too. I hate the inconsistency with this feature. :confused: Maybe they should just do away with it if it keeps causing problems.


The problem is that it’s kind of important to be able to sort by all these tags. Else no one would ever find what they want.


As frustrating as the issue is, it really does help so much that you are willing to update us. I LOVE the update section in the Help Page! It won’t wipe away disappointment, but it does make me trust the site and admins more. It makes it feel like a cared about issue, and I really appreciate you doing this!!! It makes a difficult situation easier to deal with :slight_smile:


Oh, I meant the ranks. I thought that what was causing problems this entire time. :sweat_smile:


And another week later, the whole tag/ranking thing is still stuck for me… Please tell me I’m not the only one?


Yeah my story is still stuck at number 92 on #swordfighting, but isn’t showing up in that position. I’d be fine if all the stories were stuck but at least what was on one end corresponded to the other end, but because it doesn’t match up, it makes things more frustrating.


I have a story that’s been in draft mode (not public) since summer 2018–and I swear it’s ranking better than my published stories. I guess that doesn’t say much about my published stories. Hahaha. In any case–not sure how a story in draft mode is even able to rank…


Stuck and don’t match the hotlist!
That was frustrating; I actually started to think I should have not published it in the first place! As when I unpublished some chapters to edit some parts, then I republished it I lost my ranking in Sci-fi, but that did not make any difference as my rank was stuck and I never been on that hotlist in the first place!


Yeah… I do match the hotlist on one tag, but that’s the thing -> I only have two tags ranking on one book and one tag ranking in the other. While previously it was always several tags ranking :grimacing: well, it could be that my stories no longer just rank, but it would be nice that those which do would actually match the list…


@NamiarTopit It’s a known issue and the Wattpad technical team are working on it. You can read Gabby’s post here-


Yes I know. It’s kinda what this whole thread is about :blush:


I just saw something spooky.

(Apologies if this was already mentioned).

In one of the tags that’s not ranking for me, “strongfemalelead,” there’s a loop of ten stories. So book 21-30 are the same as books 31-40 and so on and so on down thru 140+.

Anyone else notice this?


There has been discussion for this too in this thread, but I believe it’s kind of a separate issue and listed in the known issues for iOS.

I’d send a ticket to the support of you are using something else than iOS (iPhone, iPad etc)