Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



Hi there, I’m afraid I had to edit out your link as directing people to join a third party site is not allowed on the clubs.

Thank you for your understanding.
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(Can I just say, I love your Bunny Emoji :blush: )


I’m partial to it too :joy_cat: Earned it during the beta testing period and now that I’m a club mod it really comes in handy lol


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ahh, I was confused why I was tagged in a link.(not saying you did it) Either way, I know better than to give my work to vanity publishers.


That was an interesting article! It looks like The American Dream has transferred to Wattpad.


I think you got tagged because @gilharriss shared a link to the Vanity press thread you posted in and that link goes to one of your posts. So by default I think the system tags you.


oh i see.


I was ranking on around 10-15 of the tags I use (granted low enough ranks) and yesterday I got rid of some tags that I wasn’t ranking in and added some more that I thought were more accurate for the story and boom.
All the rankings gone except one. The only thing I did was change some of the tags because I don’t see why I’d lose most of them.


I don’t know if it’s because you changed the tags: I haven’t changed a thing and lost all of my rankings today. It only shows one rank for me now per book, so I’m assuming one of my books dropped from #170 on one pretty large tag to absolutely nothing over night. What the h…


ah so the system is just being weird again


Similar experience a while ago, though all I did was add tags, not remove any. Thread below:

Another strange behavior: I have one tag, seemingly a typo tag (“science-”, with a dangling ‘-’) that I can’t get rid of. I’ve tried several times to delete it, and each time, it comes back like a bad penny. Takes between a few hours and two days to return. I’ve accepted it, now :slight_smile:


That hasn’t been taken down. Not sure if that means they are still bugged, but that would explain why you guys are having other issues. I wish they’d update it since it’s almost two weeks old at this point


Same here, I just checked. Super strange.


the cursed science- tag


Is it a known thing?
Hey, those pesky ranks just updated again, and now I’m number 213 out of 260 in ‘science-’ … and almost nothing else. Lucky me.


Ah no I just named it on the spot, since that’s really odd that it comes back after being deleted


I’m going to make a club. We’re the ‘science-’ club. Or maybe, Less Science, Postfix Edition. (maybe only old-school techies will get that)


Mine just disappeared too :weary:

Which sucks cause I was about to update a story, but now I guess I’ll hold off. I don’t think we know if the algorithm takes into account the data while it’s broken. I wish we knew these things :woman_shrugging:t2:


Mine broke this morning too. One story has no ranks, when it had a few.

My other one is a dystopian, so out of all my tags, I’d think it would rank in that one. But that’s the one that always seems to be mysteriously missing. Yesterday I was on it at #15 and was getting reading list adds. Today…not so much.