Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



I’ll share my personal experience with rankings. One of my stories ranked 12 in a very popular genre (one of the really big ones, I couldn’t believe it) for two months, then 10 for another month. Around November I started getting around 2k reads a week, I’m guessing because a wattpad influencer (idk, someone with tons of followers?) added my book to one of their bookshelves, then my book was added by a couple of ambassador genre bookshelves, and that really helped with my views. Fast forward, I’m still getting that amount of reads a week (one week I even got 3K). When my book was 12/10, I was getting tons of bookshelf additions as well, so I thought maybe that had something to do with my book staying so high in the ranking for three months. Yesterday my book was 10 and for a moment, 9 in that genre. Today I woke up and it was 500 something. Nothing changed I’m still getting the same amount of reads (today, for obvious reasons, I’m not getting that many bookshelf additions) so, honestly, I have no idea how it works. My book has been completed for a while (months), I haven’t updated it at all, so I’m guessing updates have nothing to do with it.


I updated and mine literally vanished, like geez thanks for that wattpad :joy::rofl:


lol two of my stories have a -romance tag, I thought I made a typo but I was too scared to edit my tags and ruin my rankings >.>


I believe that ranking (what you can see in your profile), and where the story is indexed in the lists are separate things. First the ranker runs, then sometime later there’s a process that moves the stories around in the hotlists to match the ranks.

Recently this second process seemed to lag by a week or more or perhaps was just broken.

You can check by searching the hashtag and seeing whether the book’s position in the tag closely matches the rank. By ‘searching’ I mean enter #tagname in the search bar. If you just click on the tag in your ranks list, you’ll get a fake view that may not match reality. It is probably where the ranking algorithm says the book should go, not necesarily where it is.

Then what you find by searching for keywords (e.g. the same tag without the ‘#’) is different again.

For example, right now a book of mine is #1 in ‘enemiestofriends’ according to my ranks list. If I search for #enemiestofriends, I find it at position 13 in the list (where it was last week). If I search for enemiestofriends, it is at position 20.

The system is over-complicated, and that probably goes some way to explaining why it isn’t reliable.

For comparison: a few obvious content keywords in Google search will find my Wattpad story. But the same search in Wattpad? Not a hope.


wow, I just realized one of my books was actually 10 on a tag when it said 197 in my profile. Whaaaat. I hope they fix this soon, it’s ridiculous.


So I just checked my ranking and saw that the other rankings for it is no longer there but I did move up in most of them. The only thing is that where I used to see 8-9 tag ranks I know only see 5. I’m hoping this is a sign they’re experimenting with it


Ok, I just noticed something interesting (sorry if it’s been mentioned earlier, but the thread is really long). If you go to a # you’re ranking on (nevermind if the number is wrong) and you select other tags to create a combined search, the ranking lists change considerably. In some # combos both of my books show up in the top tiers. I guess it’s important to keep in mind that maybe people aren’t satisfied with one # , they have specific tastes and they refine their searches accordingly. This means we must be clever with our # choices, thinking people will be mixing them once they check a hot list.


I ranked on like at least 12 tags and dropped down to only 6. But even on those they are slightly off. It says I ranked 12 out of 2.6 thousand on Freshman. Win you click the tag and go to the list I’m actually nine. Also some of the tags that went off the list when I clicked on them I found I still ranked it’s just now showing on my profile. Who knows.


Whoahhh, I spoke too soon :joy: Now all of my tags have disappeared but two. And all 15 were all definitely below 500. Whoops.


It’s def been consistently glitchy.


It has been! Only yesterday my rankings moved for the first time in 3.5 weeks, and up in the rankings too. Now they’re all gone.Yikes


It shows me as 882 on the after dark tag but when I click it I’m number 99. It’s crazy right now.


Yeah I just went through and even the two tags I am listed on, my story isnt there when I search. I’m going to check some of the others. This is nuts


You probably still rank on most of them and they don’t populate on your stories page.


Oh no, I mean I went back and looked for them. And even the ones I do have populated on my stories page, the story is gone. Like I am 132 in #Diverselit. But I just counted back 200 stories after I searched it and it isn’t there. Yikes this is such a mess :joy:


It’s cocktail hour right about now :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol for real though :joy:


I’ve completely given up on the tags now!
Last year my works would consistently rank very high on the popular charts, now I’m lucky if they rank at all! :woman_shrugging:
As long as people keep reading my books I’m happy.


I’m not quite sure how ranks work in the first place. Back when Everyone Hates the Concertmaster was brand new, I shot up to high levels on some ranks with only 13 views. It dropped when I stopped getting new reads, which made sense, but I see a lot of stories with fewer reads getting ranked higher on the “hot” list, so it’s obviously not based on the number of reads. But, then, what is it based on? This is something I’ve been wondering since I joined.


This went from bad to worse…