Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



Well, they updated the Help Page

Seems to say the same thing, with no information as to what is going on or why it keeps breaking. I have my fingers crossed that someone will eventually give us good news!


This is happening to me too. I have some tags under 1k books and most of them are gone as well :thinking:

I hope this is part of the new algorithm where it “learns” to evaluate the “value” of each tag more effectively :wink:

Anyone else ranking in only 2 or three tags for all their stories?

Still nothing more than one tag ranking on my end… How’s it for y’all?


It’s still malfunctioning on my end as well, not much of an update anywhere either


Ugh… Well, maybe we’ll get something tomorrow, as the weekend’s over…


On some books, I’m getting my ranks slowly back, but the numbers are again strange. One tag has according to my summary 24 books, but the detail (hotlist) shows only 12 of them. I know this since this tag is very small, so I use it to see if the ranking/tags are working or not :wink:

So it may be recovering, but it will sure take time :slight_smile:


I feel like at this point WP should just take the whole hotlist system offline for a while to debug? I agree with a lot of what was said above about a need to focus on core website features over new projects like Next and publications.


A kind reminder that Next Beta and Wattpad Books are different projects with a distinctive identity of their own handled by totally different teams. I’d appreciate if you don’t drag Next Beta or Wattpad Books into technical issues.The technical team at Wattpad work independently from the teams of Next Beta and Wattpad Books.

You can read Gavin’s post here for more info-


That’s valid. It just feels from a user-end perspective that there hasn’t been any progress made? And that could totally be because I’m not keeping up with the right threads/sources. Is there actually a changelog available to the public for progress on this? And apologies if it sounded like I was bashing the Books and Next teams. In truth, I’m mostly just feeling a bit resentful that those programs seem, at a glance, to be operating more functionally than the hotlist rn.


No you’re fine! That’s part of the bigger issue with a lot of writers on here. I was recently told by an admin that to manage an active engagement on the Rank/Tags issue that it would take away members from other teams that are already quite busy with work. I.e. they don’t have the resources.

Although at some point I hope Wattpad realizes that it might be worth their time to address this issue. Why can’t someone from Books or Next get delegated to monitoring the Tags and Ranks issue for the time being? Not to watch it every hour, but just update us once a week on what’s going on. That would be insanely appreciated.

Until someone tells us anything, all we can really do is speculate. The longer they are quiet about it, the more I understand where the site sits in terms of addressing user concerns.


IMO, it really would be worth their time.

Again, I feel like the Hotlist is a really core feature to user experience on the site, and with it bugging out as badly as has, for as long as it has… idk it just smacks of mismanagement. Maybe that’s the wrong word for it.

I 100% agree with you that someone should be keeping the userbase updated. I mean, not to get too jargon-heavy, but the end users of a product are the most bountiful stakeholders in its production. Obvi WP corporate is inscrutable as to why they haven’t put more people on fixing the problem, I just feel like they could afford to be a bit more transparent.

Sorry for the rant, lol, and again, this all comes from my own feelings of rage and disappointment. For anyone on the admin team reading this, know that I’m not trying to rag on anyone, just vent my frustrations.


I agree. I have no issue with a tech malfunction that lasts for a week or two. I have patience for that. It happens. But when it goes on, for almost 3 months at this point, with literally no update other than the same Help Page statement that doesn’t tell use anything other than confirming that an issue exists, I mean…it makes me wonder what’s going on with the site :tired_face::joy: That would be like every time you went to pick your car up from the mechanic, and they keep saying, “Oh we found another issue. Come back and check for an update for when it’s ready.” And then it’s somehow three months later :joy:

Absolutely. Writers put their heart and soul to post for free on here, and the site can’t even take twenty minutes to tell them why their Hot Lists and Tags/Ranks are basically non-functional, and have been, for nearly 3 months.

What’s the point in the site if users can’t use the Hot List, and if your story is no longer impacted by the Tags/Ranks?


Exactly! We can go post on personal blogs/websites and curate our own readerbases and stats if this site won’t! TBH I’m still waiting on AO3 to start forum hosting. I know they say that they don’t have any plans for that sort of huge undertaking on the development side, but with all of these other sites alienating writers, they’re really the only ones left in the game who are open and honest about the ways the site functions.

BTW, have you heard about the new post limits on Tumblr? Apparently they’ve limited the amount of line-breaks you can have on a single post to 99. Like, sucks to be you if you want to transcribe chatfics, post longer chapters, or save RP logs over there, you’re going to have to break it up if you want it on your blog.


At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if others left Wattpad to find a site that was more stable, or at least, was honest about its instability. Otherwise it just gives off the appearance of a poorly runned website, which I genuinely don’t think is the case. I think they just have a major communication problem. So far, I have only seen them engage/start conversations after they have started something. And if people have issues, they do very little to address it, or take ages to do so.

I’m hoping it’s just growing pains and they are just not used to dealing with a giant userbase.

I haven’t checked out many other sites (don’t really use tumblr that much!) but it definitely seems like there aren’t too many sites at the moment that are user friendly to posting for free and that actually have good algorithms to support your work.


You know another bug I love in particular? If you leave a like on a chapter of someone’s story, all of the stories in the “You’ll Also Like” tab will get their stats switched to that chapter’s updated reads/likes. Super weird!


I haven’t seen that one!!

This site has so many bugs at the moment :joy:


Going to tag @nick here :slight_smile: As the lead of the Next, I believe that he is best suited to answer this question. He will say what has already been stated before by many of us in this thread.


@Nablai It’s 5:00 am in Toronto right now (I would know, lol :-), I live here) so it might take him a little while to respond.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile: I tagged him 'coz I know that he’ll definitely respond and clear many questions.


I hope he doesn’t mind me asking :joy: I always hate tagging them and feel like I am bothering them :rofl:

But he does answer everything really, really well and has insane patience with the user base. I really wish they could multiply him and assign him to a bunch of things :joy: