Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?



What am I being asked?

Goats weren’t properly sacrificed to summon me.

But this is something where people want us to take resources away from Next or Books and put them on the rankings instead? And do what with that person, like you want someone manually sorting through or you mean to fix the bugs from an engineering perspective (cause none of us on those two teams can code…)


I think Nablai might have confused Charlotte and I’s rhetorical questions for genuine inquiries. I suppose we could have brought our convo somewhere private instead of the forum, but them’s the breaks.

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I’m not sure, since you were tagged here. I didn’t tag you because I know this isn’t your department.

Nope! That would be ridiculous :joy: The issue is not that people aren’t working on the tech problems. My concern is that essentially a core element to the site (Ranks/Tags/Hotlist) has been unreliable for nearly 3 months now, and all we get is the same Help Page over and over again. At some point I expected a more detailed evaluation of what is broken (not the nitty gitty, just like, what’s going on? Low staff? Site growing really quickly? Too many stories to sort through? etc. Just something to make it feel like a dialogue with the users, versus us being desperate for any piece of information that we can scrounge)

An Analogy: I think for many of us here, it’s like waiting to be seen at a doctor’s office. You see people arrive after you, and yet they are getting called in before you (new programs/departments/site focus). The first few times it happens, you can forgive the doctor’s office. You look at the receptionist desk and see there is a sign stating they will back soon. So you pull your phone out and wait patiently. Minutes turn to hours, and you check the clock to see that you’ve been there for 3 hours. You see the same sign at the receptionist desk (the Help Page copy and pasting the Tags/Ranks issue repeatdely). There’s some nurses (admins) floating about, but they are super busy, or they don’t have the knowledge you seek. And that’s fine, that’s not their job. Then a nurse comes out, and calls in another patient (Books getting announced) You’re growing agitated. Did they forget you? Do they even know you’re here? You check the sign in sheet, and sure enough, it has your name crossed off, showing you’re checked in (the Help Page existing) And yet you can’t seem to get any information as to why you seem forgotten about. Turns out, somewhere in the background, the doctor’s office has been trying to get your insurance through the entire time and have been working endlessly to get you in, but they have completely dropped the ball on telling you that information. I think a lot of users on here are feeling like they have been in the doctor’s office for 4 hours at this point, with no clear understanding as to why. At some point, if someone just came out and told the patient that their insurance is fighting them, it would help a lot of frustrated users. I made this post to see if Wattpad was aware that their users are sitting in the lobby room, holding their broken tags in hopes they get looked at, waiting for information as to what is going on, while going a little stir crazy due to lack of information.

So far, the answer seems to be that they are working hard at the issue (I’ve worked with tech departments, and I am confident they feel the pressure full force. Those people need a round of beers after this!) and…that’s about it. Other sites that I have used always addressed major breaks by giving the community feedback on what was going on. There was either a large, detailed announcement or stickied forum thread that someone monitored for a week. Yes, they took people from other departments, but it was to help assuage user concerns (over integral malfunctions to the site), and was never for long. I’ve been a part of that reassignment to handle the concerns myself. It’s necessary, and does wonders for user/customer appreciation.

I was surprised to see it hasn’t happened here yet, with most people saying that’s not their job, and that tech department can’t pull away from the issue, so we just have to be patient :woman_shrugging:t2:. I just struggled to understand why someone couldn’t make a quick, stickied and locked announcement in the Forum, at the very least? The value gained (helping out increasingly frustrated users) is worth the cost (having someone hit pause on a new project to help address a core aspect of the site) for most companies, when it’s concerning a major issue. So then I made a thread asking if Wattpad sees it another way, or if they don’t see Tags/Ranks as major issues.

And that turned into this large conversation :joy:


I…I have no idea what is going on here :joy:


How did i forget this???


To be clear, though, is there actually any one specific person that we would tag with regards to this issue?? I don’t think there is, right?


Oops, I forgot…:joy: My bad, Nick. Here’s the supreme sacrifice - :goat:


@TheMenasaur Here’s Wattpad HQ’s response for the tags issue in another thread-


That’s a good point and could be related to my issue as well! Maybe there just isn’t anyone to go to, which is why no one seems to know what to do/who to ask!


Oh so you’re saying that I give the clear updates on Next so you would like me to give the equivalent one for the Hot List.

If I remember, it’s actually been a series of different things in a row, like a set of whack a moles going on all at once.

But the person who could speak to that is in the clubs, she posts stuff in here @zoedinovi


Just curious- Isn’t @gabby in the Support team too? What is her designation?


any news on this? I just checked and both of my books are ranking pretty high on some lists (when I search manually, bc the numbers I see on my profile are still broken). I suspected I was ranking high on some # because I’m having a sudden influx of library additions.


not the right person for that issue, that would be @vivian



Thanks =]


yay! <3 thank you sends virtual cookies


Perhaps putting #penis on our tags will go the trick :rofl:


No, I didn’t want you directly, or I would have tagged you in the very beginning. I’ve said it a few times that I would like someone like you, as I love how you handle Next. As in, I respect and admire the way the Next is currently being handled and then wondered if there was anyone who could do a smaller scale of that for the HL/Tag/Rank issue. Doesn’t have to be as extensive, just maybe more of a post, or updated weekly/every two weeks, etc.

If I learned anything from programmers that I used to work with, if something major goes down, it can be a hot game of whack a mole :joy:

Thanks for tagging someone who might be able to be tagged in any future concerns! That helps!


I’m not sure how the rankings work…but one of mine is currently 17th #reader out of 48k stories. So I’m guessing that’s pretty good. It does change nearly every week though. So it must be working somehow.


But like to be super clear.

The takeaway is I’m so awesome that I’m used as a model by which you wish other things to be posted.

I see, I see