Wattpad recommends me my own books...


I’m not sure if there has been a post about this or not, but I was just curious if this happens to someone else too.
Not only are my own books showing up as recommended stories, but Wattpad even recommends me as an author who “wrote stories you might like”. Well that’s very nice of Wattpad to think that I might actually enjoy what I write :rofl:, but shouldn’t Wattpad recognise who I am and therefore automatically exclude my own profile and books from recommendations?
So, does this happen to anyone else out there too or is it only me?


Wattpad does the same thing to me.

I’m like

“I wrote this, so of course I would like it!” XD

Still, they need to adjust the program, it should not be recommending your own books.


This has been happening for a while. I got used to it in time. I still am slightly irritated when Wattpad tells me that I updated a chapter though, and it never fails… :smiley:


Lol, same here! They should be adjusting that indeed.


I haven’t posted a story yet, so it hasn’t happened to me, but I get recommended books I’m currently reading, or are in my library/archive. Wattpad needs to fix how its recommendations work. Someone definitely shouldn’t be recommended their books!


Lol yeah and also the filtering process needs improvement.


Yeah, some of the books wattpad recommends don’t even fit my reading style.

For instance, fanfics are a no for me. Just because I visit it once or twice out of kindness or whatever, it recommends me them.


Every time this happens, I wonder if they’re recommending my account or books to anyone else lol.


Now you have me curious lol

It does not seem that way, the read goes up very slow, so it’s probably not likely.

Just the other day I barely broke 1k on the first book I wrote, book 2 almost 400, book 3 still being released but not even a hundred, so I don’t think it’s really being advertised, or being advertised to the appropriate audience, etc.


Ugh, saaaaaame. I read a lot of polyandry/polyamorous/reverse harem stuff, so I get recommended fanfiction for a certain series that I read and absolutely despised, so I would never want to read fanfiction for it.

I really hope Wattpad takes their survey results seriously and allows us to hide books/tags from our home page.


This has never happened to me. I guess Wattpad doesn’t think my books would be of any interest to me. :joy:


Probably don’t otherwise this won’t be happening as much

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Honestly, same lol. At this point, I’m not even sure HOW people even find my books anymore. So, I just have to keep writing and forget about the reads/votes/etc… it sucks big time but it’s okay. :joy:


Wattpad must be like

“I don’t know what the fck you wrote, but doesn’t look like you appreciate it…try this one instead” XD


Yeah, there needs to be more ways we can promote our story. The point of wattpad is to write and get noticed, but they bar us in like 90% of ways…

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It’s like, “Okay, Laila has standards so this book is a hard pass.” :joy::flushed:


Now i’m wondering how your standards goes above even your own book lol

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I hope the survey changes something, because I keep getting recommended genre’s I don’t read and popular stories I see over and over. Which is weird, because I like reading undiscovered books, but I barely find those in my recommendation lmao.


I like reading unique books, though more specifically, books that clearly shows the effort. Now i’m not hard on grammar or anything like that, but I do like a good story. The stories wattpad recommends is like me looking for a new game to play.

Pass…pass…pass…come on already!

Yeah…you get the idea…only a handful of books actually catches my attention.


Same XD

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